If the verdict concerning Mike Brown’s case came to you as a surprise, then you must be one of those people who doesn’t pay attention to the society in which we live. The American white cop shoots black man story has become so predictable. I can boldly say that nothing at all surprises me nowadays. As expected, riots took place and anger was spilled for no one to swallow. The very ground on which we, the black community, stand on screams racism. Racism has been a plague which has divided races and tribes for many years.

Even before slavery, the black man was seen as an wild animal… A monkey. The white man, on the other hand, was seen as an all round wicked and wretched lazy man who derives joy in oppressing the weaker race. I’ve been faced with racism more than enough times to shake you out of a dream of world peace. Many were maniacally bewildered as to why racism was still a topic of discussion in the year 2014. How exactly wouldn’t it be? It is a historical footprint engraved in the minds of both races. Unfortunately both races are guilty and none is innocent of this crime against humanity.

My problem with the United States of America is the fact that common civilians are allowed to walk the streets with a gun in their back pocket. This already deprives black man of basic justice. To be less biased, it deprives anyone of basic justice. Let me humbly express that a government handing over guns to its civilians is a government that has mapped out a slow but steady plan of downfall for its people. It is the government’s duty to protect its people but then as it is… The people are protecting themselves against an imaginary monster. A monster that exists in a little corner of their minds. I can bet you that a black man in a hoodie is termed as a “danger to society”. What if he just felt cold and the only thing he could grab before leaving his place was a hoodie? Arguably the most exasperating part of this racism debate is the way both races fuel their upcoming generation into antagonizing the other.

Black man say: “My son, don’t trust white people. They will look for every possible way to bring you down. ”

White man say: “Those black people?! They are dangerous. They will rob us. They will kill us if given the chance. We must overpower them”

With this mentality being part of humanity due to history’s cruel actions, do you still believe that racism will ever go way? Even more abrasive is how we choose to prove each other right. Come to the western part of the world, where are the bright young black people who ought to be in university earning degrees and moving mountains? Very few they are… Most believe in dealing drugs, acting void of common sense and “getting rich or die trying”. Carrying guns all around with saggy jeans or getting pregnant recklessy. It’s a shame to me that we scream foul but we live just like they say we ought to live: uselessly. With all these stains on our garments, we want justice? Do we even tamper justice with mercy when dealing with ourselves? The white people are as guilty as the word defines itself. Often times claiming not to be racist, they exhibit utter biasness in their actions and most likely, their court of law.

I have studied racism and it frivolent antics and I can confidently and sanguinely say that it doesn’t move me. I will not fight a cause that will fight itself when I have proved to the entire world that being black doesn’t mean I’m dangerous, not eloquent and not capable of making the difference my society needs me to make. I will not fight the cruel hands of slavery knowing that it has passed and I am here to change things around in the 21st century.

What moves you? What you have to say about yourself or what they have to say about the colour of your skin?

Racism isn’t going anywhere till we decide to change our mentality towards humanity.

With that being said…

Have a good night rest

And may Mike Brown’s soul rest in perfect peace.

– The Alpha Female




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