OPINION: DJ Cuppy Should Quit Singing & Focus Being A Better Disc Jockey


Disc Jockeying is a male dominated craft, nonetheless, a lot of top female DJ’s are out there holding their own and one of such is Florence Ifeoluwa Otedola, widely known as DJ Cuppy.

The daughter of Nigerian business Femi Otedola has been active from 2014 as a disc jockey. She has had the privilege of working at high profile places like MTV and having to intern as a DJ at Jay Z’s Roc Nation. However, from 2016 DJ Cuppy has been very present in the Nigerian music industry plying her craft at high brow events and more.

DJing in Nigeria has evolved over the years as DJs are major pillars in the music industry with a lot becoming industry influencers and brand ambassadors. The craft has also moved from being solely about working the turntables at parties to becoming record producers. A few flaws about that but it has been working out nicely so far.

Somehow, DJ Cuppy has decided to move her craft from scratching steel plates and pushing knobs to becoming a record producer and singer. That could make for being versatile and enterprising on her job.

So far, masters degree holder and disc jockey has thrown her hat into making music with four songs already to her name. Firstly, ‘Green Light’ ft. Tekno, ‘Vybe’ with Sarkodie, ‘Currency’ ft. L.A.X and most recently ‘Werk’ with singing duo Skuki.

Her current song ‘Werk’ has stirred up opinions that singing may not be her stronghold or primary talent. Especially from judging from her lyrics in her last song ‘Werk’. It was even more appalling when a video hit social media where she was rehearsing with a live band.

From a candid point of view, DJ Cuppy should perhaps quit singing and focus more on being a disc jockey. Fact is the Pepsi ambassador is not rated as top 10 DJ in the industry. It’s goes to show the Otedola name opens quite a number of doors for her.

Besides, her debut track ‘Greenlight’ with Tekno which eventually turned a sleeper hit, every other release has been worst than the previous. Perhaps it’s about time DJ Cuppy channeled more of her resources and energy to finesse her arts as a disc jockey while singing should just be an experiment and nothing more.


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