Omo Alhaji Ycee is taking no prisoners



The self-styled “Omo Alhaji“, Ycee kills everything on his path. Before you think too far off, what I mean is simple. He is committing lyrical genocide on every track he jumps on lately. Ok let me take you backward, just follow my trail. This “dada” sprouting rapper drew our attention with his well-known single “Jagaban”. He earned a lot of applause from industry kith and Kin and we all added him to our watch list.

Personally, when I heard “Jagaban” I was impressed with the rapper and his song. But on second thought, I was like “this beats sounds much like Vector’s “King Kong”. Apparently, in our Nigerian music industry you can easily score a hit if you tweak an already hit sound and add your wordings to it. It is that simple, you know a long string songs that are in this class.

One funny thing about winning an award amid controversies is a lot of pressure from cynics. It is like you win the award and go immediately on probation, and the hope is that you don’t survive.

Now this guy came back with “Omo Alhaji” he delivered impressively. Ycee has this pattern of singing his rap verses. Dare not think he cannot go hard. He must have taken a lot of man drug Viagra has he went in hard on Su Mi. Now the result endorsements are coming for him LOL. He is the first Nigerian rapper I can remember who did a cover of Desiigner’s hip-hop banger “Panda”. His cover of the song is one of the best from appraisals.

Shout out to all Nigerian rap veterans, Ycee is not smiling one bit. Ycee showed he takes no prisoners on Zoro’s “Ogene” remix. Here is the rap bad man’s verse.

Murder everything without remorse (Idi Amin)

When I blow dem dey con dey look like say na bad thing

Wack rapper Steady forming sick gimme vaccine

They tryna bite the flow


Sars without a refiloe

This is like my wife you know


I never need hype to blow

And una wey dey like say na war no be fight you know

You say you shine bright I don come to change the weather

Omo day by day I’ll be making cheddah

Shout out to the fans wey dey help the feather

Broda no be by mouth, do it if you think you better

Don’t know who we take to shake to overseas

Mehn I be like whole number ain’t nobody over me

Omo no apologies

Baba no dey bother me

Shey dey want my prophecy

Igboro lo cover we



I think omo alhaji orgasmed on the track. What are your thoughts? Share them in the comments section.


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