My Love For Francis; By Charly Boy 


Since he became the Holy Father, I have written more than a few articles on this Spiritual Rock Star called, Pope Francis. I remember the piece I did in 2013 titled. A BULLET FOR THE POPE. In that piece, I expressed my fears and concerns about his life and safety, when he so bravely and boldly took on the Mafia, knowing that there were still pockets of vampires and criminals in the Vatican. Yea! I can’t stop writing about a man who has captured my heart, with his humility, humanity and practical spirituality not his religiosity.
 In the holy book, the bible calls us to be the light to the world if Christ is to be present in the world. This is why Pope Francis’ way should be imitated for imitating him we make Christ more visible and that is what influences others to walk in the way of Christ. If any Pope can show us what Jesus was saying, I think this one is the man.   

Why I am in love with the Holy Father?  

Who would have thought that this little me could connect so deeply with any religious leader. I guess this is the toll of almost 25yrs of bible study and being an alter boy, thanks to the late Justice Oputa.      

From the first moments of his papacy, Pope Francis has been a Pope of the poor, a heart for the poor that revealed itself immediately, even in the selection of the name, Francis.  

Our world has become lopsided economically. The rich are getting so fucking rich and the poor are getting excruciatingly poorer. My people, there is nothing godly about the results of economic systems which oppresses the poor, and my man Francis gets it. Francis is a Jesus follower to the core. He has embraced biblical modesty in a very uncommon way. Wish my Pentecostal pastors can take a cue. Whossiiiii! 

I remember when he was asked about gay people being marginalised in churches, when he said, “Who am I to judge a gay person of goodwill who seeks the Lord? You can’t marginalise these people.” To which I say, exactly. It was the follow up answer that nailed me to the cross. “Who am I to judge someone who is seeking God? It’s my role as a follower of Christ to facilitate that connection to God, not to hinder it. Let us learn to become people who remove barriers for people wanting to connect to God instead of erecting new ones.” Can you beat that? I can go on and on to real out The intimidating spiritual CV of Pope Francis, TIMES MAN OF THE YEAR.

Still glued to CNN I can see the republicans house of Trump on fire as the Pope lands in America. The visit is already creating an awkward moment for the republicans. Republicans are amusingly getting jittery over the man Of Peace, Hope and Love. They are rightly worried that Pope Francis Spiritual Bombshells May End Their World on Thursday when he addresses congress in his historic visit to America.

Like my brother Majeck would sing, Religion nah Politics. However, the line between religion and politics have become increasingly blurred until Francis came along. Republicans are already shouting that The Pope should restrict himself to spiritual rethorics. Hummm I Laff, speaking out on an unknown speech to be. 

I truly believe that when the Pope addresses congress, he will talk about immigration, his vision of having compassion and generosity and solidarity with others. This will open an opportunity for more moderate points of view to come and articulate a similar message.

Francis, you too much, you no remain anywhere else. I love you die.


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