Musings Of A Retired Video Vixen (Episode 5)


So after Storm politely kicked me out of his house, I spoke to E about the incident. This was E’s response…

This industry is funny, not every superstar is comfortable in his skin and where he started. Storm is a cool guy and as u know one of the hottest artists now but dude has insecurity issue. So everyone now and then it resurrects from where it was buried. But he is still my homie, he is a good dude.

I had felt bad but I got over it. I still got a call for his video shoot, I knew i just had to be strictly professional, do my thing and get the hell out of there.

As usual, a day before the shoot, I visit the salon and get all dolled up and ready to work.

* * * * * * *

Day One of Storm’s Video Shoot


The models have to arrive before the artists, already as women we spend ages getting dressed. Each model would be dressed and made up.

The first set is a pool house party, little outfits and lots lots of skin. Girls running around in different swimwear, guys in shorts and alcohol.

The first shot was of me in a bikini stepping out of the pool as Storm and his friends arrive the pool party. As sexy as it looks when the video is ready; there is nothing sexy about stepping out of a pool more than 10 times based on instructions, and plenty make up.

Storm walked in and didn’t even look my way except when he was needed to. It was OK by me. I was still upset from our last encounter.

After that scene, i went for a wardrobe change. I checked my phone and saw 6missed calls from my boyfriend, Ben. Haven’t spoken to him for some days due to some family issues from his angle. I quickly called back…

Baby, I just saw your missed calls. How are you?

Am fine boo, what are you up to?

On the job, you have heard of Storm? His video shoot. We just started sef. Whats up with you?

Oh yea, that’s nice; am good dear. So I guess you are busy, wanted to talk. I will let you go, call me when you are done, ok?

Ok dear, later

“I love you” And the call is cut.

Hold on, did Ben just say ‘I love you’? He that doesn’t believe in love. Weird but nice.

I quickly dismissed that thought and got back to work mode.

We change for the pool party scene, some in swimwear, while i just tied a scarf round my waist and my hair was dried and styled again.

I made sure i danced as far away from Storm as possible.

Some other artists made cameo appearances including E whom i glued my body to and all through he found the whole thing amusing.

The director decided that little or no break will be taken and tried to finish the pool party scene that day to reduce the amount of people coming the following day.


We are done for the day or I was done for the day. I didn’t want to wait to say bye to E, i had to rush home to cook dinner.I had responsibilities outside this.

Like my mother pointed out, “first you are a daughter and the rest comes after……” so as a daughter and only girl in the house, food must be served at 7.30pm

Please God, no traffic i beg

After dinner at 8.30 and all the washing up done, i went into my room to return all my calls and messages. My phone rings while i try dailling Mimi..

Its Ben

Hi baby, was about to return calls now” I say

Oh yea, so you are back home?

Yes, since 7, just finished eating and washing up in the kitchen. How have you been? Is everything ok now?

We are sorting it out but its definitely better. I got a promotion at work today.

For real, yayyy, congratulations darling. You have worked hard for it and deserve it. Wish I was there to give you a big kiss and a hug. So what does this new promotion entail?

I get my own official car, less travel unless necessary. More money, more time for my family and you. And wait for it…i have days off

I smile…since i started dating Ben, he has worked 7days a week and never has enough time for himself. This is a very lovely change

Thank God, you really need to rest shaa

Yes i do, so give me gist. Whats up with you?

I went ahead to tell him about Storm, his video, Mimi and more. We talked til i felt sleepy.

* * * * * * *

Early this morning, I woke up to a text requesting me to come for the second day of Storm’s video.

Thank God I didn’t make any plans ahead of the day. When I arrive the location, the video director calls me aside…

You know since you were the girl that stepped out of he pool at the beginning, there is that lust that Storm will have for you through out the video but he cant get you. But we will create imaginary things in the video and one of them is you kissing storm. Hope you are good with that

He didn’t wait for me to answer and walked away. I guess that’s an instruction.Is the universe trying to settle our little problem by bringing us to kiss it away.

How will I kiss Storm in front of all these people, my nerves were up.

The shots for the various scenes is taken one by one from different angles. The director is precise and straight to the point so it was moving at a good pace.

The time to kiss Storm came, I changed into the required costume for the scene.

Storm was already on set when i walked towards him. He just looked plainly uninterested and i couldn’t wait to get it over with and get out of there.Even if it isn’t real, he looked like he couldn’t be bothered

Storm, wrap your arms around her and draw her closer..” the director says

Lets do this and get it over with abeg” Storm says.

I was upset to think that he will think that i will want to kiss him and his fine self….so he is fine. Should I fly……

The next thing i felt was the touch of his lips on mine….the rambling inside my head buzzed away..

His lips taste so good and i was lost.

You never want to be parted from this lips and he kissed so good….

I feel a hand on my shoulders and i open my eyes and look around, everyone is starring at Storm and I.

Storm, na wa oo, i said cut since. Almost five times, both of you were still kissing. Na so the kiss sweet una” The director says while smiling…


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