Musings Of A Retired Video Vixen (Episode 4)


E and I had become good friends after his video shoot, and we talked almost everyday. After school had vacated for summer, I headed to Lagos to chill with the family for a while. Ben gave me an eventful week before I traveled (let your imagination
get the best of you) and I am sure I have a stamp of the name, BEN, on my forehead now.


I called E to tell him I am in Lagos. He invites me to his house for a small party as a celebration of his birthday, and I attend with my friend, Mimi. Mimi is my Lagos partner,we go almost everywhere together. She is my childhood friend, always the person I run to when I want nothing but the truth. She knows how to say yes and no even if it hurts your feelings and I respect her for that.

Saturday 4pm – E’s house in Lekki

Walking into E’s place, looking around depicts the success he has achieved so far in his career. He behaves like the perfect gentleman, introducing us to some of his team and close friends and Mimi was quick to start flirting up a storm in the party, leaving me alone. Mimi is a beautiful girl with one of the best body shapes in a woman I have ever seen. Some days when I stand in front of my mirror getting dressed, I wish I had her kind of body and she certainly knew how to use it.

E slides in beside me as I watch Mimi flirt with some guys while I chat with Ben on bbm..

She is beautiful, I never pegged you as a bisexual though.

Ohh boy, trust E and things that can come out of his mouth and you have to laugh most times because most times it is a joke.

I am not a bisexual, i am very straight. Strictly dudes. I have to watch over her, she is my friend, besides I brought her to your party.” I say while smiling. “These parties can get wild, I don’t want any short story

Nothing will happen, its not a crazy party besides i have an early morning, interviews and studio appearances, so we will be clearing out early. We will be shooting the video for ‘Go down’ soon, will love for you to be available, we are trying to get everything ready.

While we discussed the video shoot, one of the hottest raves of the moment, Storm walks in with his entourage, and heads straight to E. Now this is the right moment to be starstruck, I love all his songs and the type of personality he presents to his fans.

Storm has been hot since last year and is super handsome. As they shake hands and do whatever it is when dudes greet….he then notices me..

Hey Storm, meet my friend Stace. She was the one in the video you asked about” E says

Wait, he asked about me…….yayyy!!!

Stace, breathe in…..then out…

Oh yea, hey you, you have some moves babe. Really nailed E’s video. Nice stuff. Nice to meet you

Nice to meet you too. Am a huge fan.” I say..while blushing.

Same here, Let me have your number, will hit you up in a week or two for my own video shoot. Hope you will still be in town? Am sorry to cut your conversation though, I really need to discuss something important with E. If you don’t mind, I will like to discuss with E about something. Nice meeting you.

Storm says and walks away with E who gives me the ‘i will be back’ sign.

After waiting for an hour and E was still talking with Storm, Mimi and I leave because it was getting late, we both are already tired. Mimi, the eye candy of the video couldn’t walk away quietly, most of the dudes flocking around her acting like love sick puppies couldn’t let her be especially the ones who didn’t get her digits. Did I fail to mention that she is one of those girls that when you step out with her, you automatically become invisible to the eyes of men. It doesn’t bug me much anymore, that’s how God created her.


The new week started as a blur, went too fast, not sure I remembered most of my activities til Tuesday which am very sure i spent watching the whole season eight of Grey’s Anatomy. Next on my list – Orange is the new black.



Storm calls in the morning and asks me to come over for an audition for his video in Ikeja.

The thing about Lagos is when you think you are its just 100 models, you discover a hundred thousand. The girls at the audition were hot!!! Clear skin, stylish, wherever they been, the weather was definitely treating them well. I was feeling less confident in myself by the time i was done with my screening.

After my audition, Storm invites me over to chill with him.

While we were chilling together, Storm and I get to learn about each other. We talk about a lot of things from politics to wrestling to movies and music. He is very surprised about my knowledge in a lot of things…

You know a lot, that’s refreshing though” He says

Thank you, naturally curious and interested in a lot of things, we always look dumb or what?

No, but the few i meet, don’t really have much to offer. But don’t get me wrong, am not saying all are like that

Storm begins to talk about his UK tour, and I ask him about some of the cities he performed at. When I show familiarity especially when he spoke about his Staffordshire performance, he was surprised.

How do you know about Staffordshire and Stoke? Its not the most popular place” he asks

I lived there for 5years, completed my high school and A levels there” I say

The look i get from Storm was a combination of shock and doubt.

You don’t believe me?” I ask while smiling

Not that, you don’t strike me like someone that has lived in UK before. You don’t have an accent”.

Cus everyone now has an accent. I might not look so flashy and stuff but this is me. I like my tank top and jeans just fine, left Nigeria at the age of 13. When did you travel out of the country the first time? Tell me what people who have lived there look like” I ask, because I was curious to know where this doubt is coming from.

I never expected Storm to get all defensive when i asked the question but he became so tight lipped and all of a sudden, I am seeing a different side to the person I have been talking to for almost 2 hours.

Super awkward and weird.

He came up with an excuse of heading out for a meeting.

Storm, are you OK? Why are you being all quiet and straight? Did I say something wrong”?

Just because you lived in the UK doesn’t mean you should be smug about it” he said harshly..

WHOA WHOA…..where did that come from?

How was i smug, we were just having a convo now, you got all defensive and rude on me

He just ignored my question…. I am totally He gets up and walks towards the stairs, pauses turns to me and say…

If you make it, you will receive a call. Later

This is clearly my dismissal, I couldn’t believe it. I get up and pick my things, walk out of his house clearly puzzled and wondering what I had said.

I walk a bit down the road, looking for a taxi, still thinking about the last 30 minutes when my phone begins to ring. I look at the
caller, and its E, maybe he can give me some answers.

Hi E, you will never believe what just happened with Storm….


  1. One should not resemble where he lived because that’s not the place he would always be.
    Vixen i Love You.
    Jaguda keep me posted!


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