Music Review: D’Prince – Show Me | The Generic Sounds Are Becoming Tiring

d'prince show me

It almost feels like musical groundhog day. A new tune comes from D’Prince and gets fans excited, but we’re left disappointed once again with the same old generic sounds, lyrics, and chorus. It’s amazing that we keep clicking play again and again.

I listened to this track over and over, and tried to make sense of what was going on. It took me a minute to decipher the hook from the verses, and even though, Small Doctor (as talented as he is) tried to do his bit on the song, the final product still came out as the same old tiring sounds we’ve been getting from Nigerian music recently. Even the hook doesn’t sound special.

The hook is decent (nothing special), and the lyrics might be even lower than we’ve come to expect from D’Prince. “I no dey mind all the famzing/ As long as we get understanding/Not withstanding/ I satisfy all your demanding/ what you demanding, what you commanding


Plant those lyrics on an extremely noisy track, you have the making of something we’ll not be wanting to listen to too often. Is it the worst track ever? Certainly not, but it’s definitely not anything we’ll be looking for.



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