Mom, I’m Gay


Not only do we (Nigerians) love to believe that we are deeply religious, cultured and homophobic; homosexuality is also illegal in Nigeria! Get caught, and you will spend a whooping 14 years in jail; but let us look at a different twist to this homosexuality stuff.

Isn’t it ironic that Nigerians are ‘seemingly’ so homophobic, yet half the population is either bi-sexual or gay? This question first came to me while understudying Nelly with Nigeria Info FM.

I will forever remember a certain time Nelly gave me an assignment to come up a focus for the day’s show, and i somehow felt the need to speak about homosexuality. How jittery i felt that night lol… Anyway, 2 callers stood out for me; one of the callers was a Nigerian in diaspora, who said he was gay and would blow our minds should he reveal the number of Nigerian gay celebrities. While the second, a sales person, gave a heartbreaking story about his uncle molesting him from when he was 9 years old up until he turned 14. 

Later moving to Lagos, he became a salesman in Alaba market and the gay rape continued. In fact he suggested being cursed and even admitted to enjoying gay sex at a point.

Trust Nigerians to call in quoting Bible scriptures and condemning him to death, as though aliens were raping him and not men in Nigeria. I can bet you that if a guy shows up in Alaba market acing all gay and shaking his bum, a mob (of secretly gay sex lovers) will appear from nowhere and set the guy on fire.

A lot of gay people struggle with the act and don’t even want to be gay, but cannot help it. How would you handle a situation where your own son is gay? Would you totally isolate him and let him commit suicide like John Fashanu’s brother did? Would you call for deliverance or begin quoting bible scriptures he already know about?

It is indeed a very confusing place to be as a parent. How do you incite change life by isolating gay people? There are ways to disapprove of the act but still love the person i believe. I want comments from people who sincerely love their kids; what will you do should your son admit to being gay?



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