Me, My friend and Halitosis


Here I was, seated on the passenger seat of my friend’s car on our way to the NYSC secretariat silently praying and hoping that my monthly clearance will be less stressful. All the discs in the car refused to play so I tuned to a radio station so that boredom won’t kill us before clearance gets the chance to.

It was a health program that was being aired and “HALITOSIS” was the topic. At the mention of that name, all the memories I had in relation to halitosis started resurfacing.

The Almighty Halitosis. The killer of self esteem. The spoiler of “runs”. Halitosis don do me strong thing ehn. Let me quickly mention that halitosis is the medical term for “bad breath’.

So one story naturally came to my mind;

I must have been in 200 level or so…

I had this girl that I was really into and I wanted to set her “P” by fire by force. Being the sharp guy that I am, I was already creating all the awareness. So the “D” day came. We had already set an “AP” for 2p.m in a fast food restaurant very close to my house (Yes, you know say money no be problem *in sarkodie’s voice*). Just as I envisaged, she called to say she will be coming along with a friend. Typical!!!

All dressed up and looking like Ice prince, I strolled down to the restaurant. On my way, I met my very good friend, Tobi.

Let me state here that Tobi and halitosis are best of friends.

Happy as I was that the equation was now balanced (because Tobi sef na sharp guy), I was very concerned about the septic tank that Tobi called a mouth but that didn’t still give me the courage to talk to him about it. I took him along anyways even though it was at that time of the day when his bad breath was at its worst.

So here we were, the four of us. I already told my friend to keep the other girl occupied and he seemed to be doing just that until I started sensing some discomfort.

Before I knew what was happening, my girl’s friend spoke out about Tobi’s bad breath. That was how a perfectly planned outing got messed up.

I later got down with the girl o but it was long after the issue…

But the point is Tobi’s self esteem was shattered and he was so furious at me for not letting him know his breath was that bad.All I could do was apologize and explain to him that I didn’t know how to tell him about his halitosis. The issue has long gone but the impact is still being felt. My dear friend has gotten used to the habit of covering his mouth with his hand unconsciously anytime he wants to speak.

Would it not have been better if I had told him about it???

Am inclined to think that so many of us have found ourselves in such awkward situations. Unfortunately, I can’t teach you how to go about telling your friend that he has bad breath but I feel the need to educate us on the causes, classification and effects of halitosis.

Sit tight.

…to be continued.


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