Life in Filter


Just yesterday, going through instagram, I decided to stalk 1/4 of the band (I love to death) one direction. I stalked Harry Styles, don’t get it twisted though, my favorite member remains Louis the hottie Tomlinson… ok, so In the process of stalking Harry Styles I came across his sisters account and I must say I was so impressed and inspired, she’s done with school and has a passion for writing, just like me. I went through her websites, read her posts (she’s really good) and was blown away, hence my inspiration for this post.

Now, every living being has their own kind of problems, some are so serious that it would take practically the whole society to help solve, while some are lets just say not as serious. Moments of our lives are filtered, when we capture a moment on our phones or cameras, we add a little filter to it in order to make it more presentable and appreciative. I always think, if moments that we capture are filtered to make it better, why can’t we filter the way our life is? People have different views on different things, we’re not all the same, but we all have a common goal or a common need, which is for life to be better. Nigeria for example is enough problem on its own, there’s poverty, lack of jobs, bombings and so many more, we live in a country where your dreams don’t matter, its a country where you have to know someone who knows someone to get an interview to start with much less a job, its a place where your dreams have to be On hold. Looking at it from the perspective of a moment being captured, its a moment worth being filtered.

At the end of the day, we’re all back to how we were, a dull moment, captured with no beauty to add to it. it becomes opaque. Life in filter would be so easy for us no? But then again things don’t come easy, we’ve got to hustle to get to where we want to, life is a reality, it’s not a moment that is captured, its real, its happening, its inevitable. It can’t be filtered.



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