What You Should Know About The Shaku Shaku Dance Craze


If you’re familiar with Nigerian music,  you’ll have noticed there is a long history of being able to make a hit musically when you have a good dance step to infuse into your song.

This trick or perhaps recipe goes back to the days of the popular hit song by Olu Maintain called ‘Yahoozee’. I remember busting some sleek moves with my boys back in secondary school anytime the jam comes up during our school social events. ‘Yahoozee’ was that huge,  mostly because of the dance steps. You had to raise your head to a certain angle while rhythmically thrusting your hands in the air with fingers pointed upwards.  And maybe raising one leg at a time to a comfortable angle. That was ‘Yahoozee’ in full display, it wasn’t just a song or a vibe, there was a special dance for it.  

That recipe has not changed by any means. You’ll certainly remember Iyanya’s  ‘Kukere’ backed by a good deal of waist shaking and feet stamping. Fast forward to the viral ‘Dab’ & ‘One Corner’ etc.

So there is this not so new dance move called ‘Shaku Shaku’. The movement is crazy to say the least and it’s literally very hot on the streets, pub houses and clubs. The ‘Shaku Shaku’ trend  began sometime in the last quarter of 2017 thanks to songs like ‘WO’ which helped to push the trend. Now in 2018 ‘Shaku Shaku’ is a full craze one you may even need a tutorial to learn if you care.

Every young Nigerian who is socially ‘woke’ knows about this viral dance steps. Some can pull it off effortlessly while others just suck at it. Our dear celebrities have kept the fun going as they try to outdo one another doing the  ‘Shaku Shaku’ thing. This is were I get to call some names – DJ Cuppy, her moves as far as this dance is concerned screams ‘ajebutter’,  you could see it in her steps. Self styled street king Olamide tries a good deal on this one. However, the best celebrity ‘Shaku Shaku’ stepper has to be Alaga Ibile Reminisce, mans got dem leg work on point.  

A flashback to 2016, this was a typical year when mid tempo jams qualified to become instant hit songs, we had ‘Pana’, ‘Leg Over’, ‘Mama’ by Kiss Daniel. 2017 was christened the year of the ‘Pon Pon’ sound with mad songs like ‘IF’, ‘Gaaga Shuffle’, ‘Mama’, ruling the airwaves and the list goes on. As this year continues to unfold it seems like we will see more of ‘Shaku Shaku’ as a major theme for songs being made during the course of the year.

Already,  trendsetter Olamide has drawn the first blood with his now buzzing song ‘Science Student’. Reminisce has ‘Problem’ while D’banj just put out ‘Issa Banger’. All the listed songs above have the ‘Shaku Shaku’ theme, meaning you can pull the exact dance steps to go with these songs.

As far as speculation goes, we can argue that ‘Shaku Shaku’ is quickly edging out whatsoever is left of the ‘Pon Pon’ sound. Pretty soon it would become the template for any artist who wants to create an acceptable song or better still a smash hit. At this point I’m trying to do my own moves to Mr Real’s ‘Legbegbe’.


How To You Dance ‘Shaku Shaku’?

It would be pointless to talk about ‘Shaku Shaku’ if we don’t mention how to dance or make the moves.  

First of all make sure you’re listening to a song that goes well will the ‘Shaku Shaku’.

The dance begins with the dancer standing legs astride. Then a false or unfinished  ‘leg over’ move is made to the right and to the left with hands slightly crossed. The upper trunk of the body moves  slightly in rhythm in either direction of the leg work. This false ‘leg over’ mark is done at least three times on either legs before making this hand movement like you’re pulling a generator cord. You take a quick squat once or twice while pulling out either legs and then rising up. Continue above routine.



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