Kel Is Making A Comeback; But Not Exactly The Way You Think


In 2008, if you had asked who the dopest female rapper in Nigeria was, the answer would’ve been unanimous – Kel. Her single, Waa Wa Alright, was one of the hottest singles that year, and to be honest for years to come. Her album, The Investment, was released in 2009, and was received very well from fans and critics.

But 8 years later, things have changed drastically from Kel of Waa Wa Alright. She’s left the label, Capital Hill Music, She’s gotten into TV and TV production, and started her own catering company. However, Kel is still very much in love with music, and is getting ready to do give us some work.

This time thoough, Kel says she wants to do it the way she believes is her honest way. True to herself. No faking it, no appealing to the masses unnecessarily. Just straight hip-hop from her soul. In her words, “the way I fell in love with hip-hop, is the way I want to deliver it. Real content, real stories, things that actually apply. It’s really not about money for me. I just want to do it because I love it. Sometimes I might have deviated in the past because of the financial aspect.

In her web video, The REIntroduction, she details all the things she’s done, and how she feel in this point in her life.

We’re excited about what Kel has to offer us this time around. Word is we wont have to wait long to listen to some new heat from her. Stay tuned.


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