Jaguda Artiste Of The Month: Yemi Alade – Woman Of Steel


Afropop diva Yemi Alade is our JAGUDA ARTISTE OF THE MONTH for August. The Effyzzie Music / Rebel Movement artiste is the first female to be crowned our artiste of the month. 

Her sojourn into the music industry began when she won Peak Talent Show in 2009. So she has clocked 10 years in the music industry this 2019. Since then the has progressively moved her way up to becoming one of the most popular Afrobeats singer in the continent. 

When it comes to work ethics Yemi Alade is almost unrivalled because she is the hardest worker you could think of in the Nigerian music industry. Not many of her female colleagues can boast of a repertoire as enormous like hers. Apparently she has four albums to her name more than any of her female colleagues at the moment. 

She has been dropping albums back to back right from her debut project ‘King of Queens‘ in 2014, ‘Mama Africa‘ – 2016, ‘Black Magic‘ – 2017 and her most recent body of work ‘Woman of Steel‘ – August 2019. For all these years, Yemi Alade’s career has often time received too much criticism even though she has a plethora of awards and amazing stats to back up her claim as one of the best in the game. 

Much of Yemi’s success thus far has been built around her breakthrough single ‘Johnny‘ in 2013. She has continued to tailor her music in this fashion which has guaranteed her even more success until date. For the records Yemi Alade is the most watched female African artiste on YouTube and the most subscribed channel by a female African artiste

The theme of her  music, especially that of her albums have been focused mainly on the African woman as blessed, powerful and resourceful as evident with her album titles ‘King of Queens’, ‘Mama Africa’, ‘Black Magic’ and ‘Woman of Steel’. She makes music that is Pan-African in nature balancing the anglophone and francophone markets. ‘A prophet is not without honour, but in his own country’,  that would explain why she is a big deal outside the shores of Nigeria. 

The past couple months have been epic for the ‘Johnny’ hit maker. A dream opportunity came for her to work with Beyonce on the ‘The Lion King: The Gift‘ album. She locked in two slots on the album having featured on songs like ‘Don’t Jealous Me‘ and ‘My Power‘. It clearly shows her kind of music is worth something after all. 

In August, Yemi Alade officially launched her fourth studio album ‘Woman of Steel’. A solid body of work with 13 tracks and 2 bonus tracks. She kept the number of featured guests at a minimum which makes the project more about her than those featured on it. 

Somehow, critics have judged Yemi Alade’s ‘Woman of Steel’ to be her best album yet. She really did put in the work on this project and her critics can’t deny it any longer. For someone who has got the sticks severally for her supposed ‘wack’ lyrics she did well to raise the bar on this project. 

In an industry where an artiste’s creative process may be belittled and down played the Effyzzie Music lead act has always held her head above the waters. She is a hardworker, relentless and understands her craft as well as the business side of it. She is one of the few female acts that can hold her own in the midst of her male counterparts and wouldn’t be found wanting. 

Ladies and gentlemen, this is Yemi Alade typified as the ‘Woman of Steel’. 



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