Jaguda Artiste Of The Month: Falz The Bahd Guy


Multi-talented Nigerian rapper and actor Folarin Falana widely known as Falz is our Jaguda artiste of the month! The choice of Falz as the artiste of month is simply because he has been adjudged by the team as the top Nigerian artiste who has had the most impact on the music and  pop culture than any of his contemporary in January 2019.

Barely two weeks into the new year and new month, Falz began his music journey in the unfolding year with the premiere of his single ‘Talk’.

Talk’ exposed in more details another side to the rapper in his politically charged debut single of the year. The Bahd Guys boss made a huge attempt at inspiring a social change with his song. He clearly had an axe to grind as he made the most daring tune of his career. Falz launched an attack on the Nigerian political class who have repeated failed the populace with their fables which no longer stick. He took a shot at the presidency and two major political parties in the country. Even the religious leaders and their frivolous lifestyle,  high-handedness under the guise of religion was checked. Indeed Falz said quite a lot.

Eventually days after ‘Talk’, his full body of work ‘Moral Instruction’ was officially out. A solid LP with 9 tracks of woke, society conscious songs aptly suited for the election year. From ‘Johnny’ to ‘After All Said And Done’ all tracks maintain the theme of social change, humanity, self-worth, selflessness etc. The album so far has received a lot of accolades because at the moment, no contemporary artiste has made made a project that is socially conscious from top to bottom.

His activism throughout his ‘Moral Instruction’ album sparked positive conversations about how much Falz is Fela. This sort of comparison happens all the time, but it’s only an indicator that someone struck the right chords among the people. It simply stems from the fact that the afrobeat legend was a staunch critic of the government of the day. No Nigerian musician has suffered severe punishment for criticizing the government like Fela Kuti did and the Bahd Guy only comes close several miles behind.   

The roll out process of ‘Moral Instruction’ has been well planned an executed and the masterstroke being the ‘Moral Instruction (The Curriculum)’ – a visual snippet of all tracks on his album. The interpretation was apt and the acting was fabulous.

When it comes to artistry and flare, Falz is made of a superior fabric.


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