Is it true? The avarage Nigerian is a Lowkey thief


A friend tweeted this and I thought it is worth expressing my quota of the topic.
It should be generally accepted that we are all thieves, well depends on the angle you are viewing from.

Below are real and hilarious scenarios to justify the statement:

1. The moment you add an extra 5k to the price you are telling your parents for the textbook

2. The moment you claim being a student at the cinema with your old school ID to get the discount

3. The moment you declare publicly that you can die for a political party

4. The moment you eat the beef before taking a spoon of rice

5. The moment you get on Etcetera’s False luxury owner’s List

6. The moment you take a picture in a rented house and declare you just acquired a new house in Banana Island

7. The moment you are in front of the Marriage registry board with a 70 years old white Lady

8. Bae took you on a shopping spree, to the cinema, then club…Bae wants to reap what he sowed at night you say you are tired, You are a lowkey thief

Let’s hear from you, how do you justify that an average Nigerian is a lowkey thief?


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