Introducing Afro Pop Artist, Cupid | Find Out How He Plans To Change The Game



Popularly known with his stage monicker, “Cupid”, Faud Ado-Ibrahim is  a young Nigerian musical artist who has been making his marks since he  emerged as one of the budding entertainment talents from the  University of Lagos; where he has performed at various shows within  and outside the campus. Cupid juggles his musical career with his academic studies in Cell Biology and Genetics.

A fresh talent in the Nigerian music industry, Cupid was born on 3rd  October 1990 into a royal family. Having come up with his own style,   he has been able to capture numerous youth audience with his music.  Cupid is currently signed to SBM Entertainment.

We sat down with the upcoming act to talk about his journey so far in music, and a little bit about himself.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am Cupid, real names Fuad Ado-Ibrahim .I’m an easy going guy who believes love is what we need to make the world a better place. I have a passion for the arts especially music and hope I can use my music to touch lives. I also love having a good time with decent people.


How did you come up with the name Cupid?

Cupid as we know represents love, and that is what I represent in all I do , particularly in the music I create. It’s all about love for me, love life, love music and everything nice. So what better name for me than Cupid.


How long have you been in music and what made you get into it?

I’ve been into music since I could hear, lol, but what triggered the ambition was the first time I visited a studio and realized it was all possible and this was about 6 years ago



Who would you say are your biggest influences? Both in and outside of Nigeria?

Tuface is a great inspiration both as a musician and a person,banky w, drake, chris brown , bob Marley , r Kelly , akon and t-pain to mention a few.


What would you say your goal is in music? What do you want to be remembered for when it’s all said and done?

I would like to reach the highest point possible for me , a point where both family and fans are satisfied. I would like to be remembered for the great music I have created and the love I have spread through my music. That would be accomplishing.


You performed at the Love Like A Movie Concert, How did it feel to perform at such a huge event with thousands watching?

It was a lovely experience , I performed with the beautiful Zaina. We did her song “totally yours” . The song feautures Wayne wonder, who I guess couldn’t make the event , so I was called up by Darey to do that part.


How would you classify your style of music? And what do you think you’re bringing to the industry that’s different?

It’s Rnb with a bit of afrobeats, it’s music for the young n old, for lovers! It can get u dancing and can get u making love. Lol. I’m bringing a blend of hip and cool. Something between subtle and hard.


Tell us about ur Label

The label is called SBM ent. It’s an ambitious new team and we’re good working together.


How would you classify your fashion style?

I like to look trendy, classy, I am quite fashion inclined . I also might want to make a statement from time to time so watchout. Lol.


Ladies always want to know… are you single? searching? committed?


I’m single but in love, always in love. I am committed to love.


What would you say is the most attractive trait in a woman?

I think amidst the many attractive traits a woman should have ,the most attractive has got to be her personality. That’s the part that tells who she really is,from morals and values to having a good heart,The essence of women in society.


Finally, give the name of the album you’re rocking right now on repeat.

Nothing was the same – drake.


Check out Cupid’s latest tune, Always On My Mind.



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