IDJA! The 25 Best Don Jazzy Beats

don jazzy best 25 beats

Michael Collins aka Don Jazzy is probably the best producer Nigeria has seen over the past 2 decades. Since he broke on to the scene back in 2004 he has not looked back at all producing hits after hits, setting up one of the biggest labels in Africa, and then reinventing himself after his fall out with Dbanj.

But it isn’t just because Don Jazzy makes great beats, but it’s the longevity that he has shown being at the top (or close to it) for the past 10-11 years. He’s produced hits from the likes of Dbanj, Wande Coal, Ikechukwu, Naeto C, Tiwa Savage, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Weird MC and many others.

So in honor of Don Baba J’s 32nd birthday we bring you the best he’s brought to us.

These are The 25 Best Don Jazzy Beats.


25Lift Off – Jay-Z & Kanye West

Don Jazzy made it big on the international scene when he co-produced this hit song of Jay-Z and Kanye West’s album, Watch The Throne. If Jay and Yeezy are using your talents then it means you’re one of the best in the world.


24Ijoya – Weird MC

Before we really knew Don Jazzy as Don Jazzy the hit maker, he did this sick beat for Weird MC. The song was a mega hit back in 2006, and ended up being one of Weird MC’s biggest hits till date.


23Tongolo – Dbanj

Back when Don Jazzy was sporting a baseball hat, button down tees, and a walking stick, he put out this hot beat for Dbanj, and that certainly kicked off the Mo-Hits dynasty for the next 5 years. Tongolo was the main hit that introduced Dbanj to Nigerian music.


22Close To You – Mo-Hits

Off the Mo-Hits compilation album, Curriculum Vitae, Close To You was a major hit right in the prime of the label. The song featured Dbanj, Dr SID, D’Prince, Kay-Switch, and Wande Coal.


21Asewo – Naeto C

One of the few times Don Jazzy produced for someone outside Mo-Hits, he did it very well for Naeto C on his single Asewo. The single was off Naeto C’s debut album, U Know My P. Asewo ended up being nominated for multiple awards that year.


20Omoba – D’Prince

This might have been D’Prince’s first official solo record, and Don Jazzy handed his brother a solid gold beat to do his thing on. The beat is just meant for dancing all through… no need to do anything for real.


19Who Born The Maga – Wande Coal

Once you get past Wande’s high pitched intro to this tune, the baseline of the beat is the next best thing on this track. Don Jazzy laced this beat up so well, and Wande doing his thing made it sound even better.


18You Bad – Wande Coal

Wande Coal’s Mushin To Mohits album is one best Nigerian albums of the past decades, and one of the lead singles, You Bad is one of the numerous reasons why. Don Jazzy hit a clean synthesized beat on this to match Wande Coal’s higher pitched voice.  It worked perfectly.


17Pop Something – Dr SID

The don himself along with Dr SID brought this heavy club tune that ruled parties for years. Dr SID did his thing perfectly to make this beat even better. But really that thing in this tune that makes you want to keep dancing is mostly Don Jazzy’s making.


16Eminado – Tiwa Savage

Tiwa Savage’s Eminado is one of the most exciting songs Don Jazzy has produced over the years. It’s unique, fresh, and really tailor made for Tiwa Savage. It was like a match made in production-singing heaven. The 12 million views on Youtube is not a mistake.


15Fall In Love – Dbanj

Probably one of the most played wedding songs over the past 10 years, Dbanj’s Fall In Love was (and still is) the perfect wedding song. “Don’t get it twisted love is beautiful thing… It’s Don Jazzy Again”… I mean this is just gold. Don Baba!


14Dorobucci – Mavins

It’s one of Don Jazzy’s biggest hits ever, and was the sign that marked the total reinvention of Don Jazzy. Not only was the song a huge success in 2014, but it introduced the new Mavin crew, Dija, Korede Bello and Reekado Banks to the big leagues.



13Over The Moon – Dr SID

Over The Moon by Dr SID got to your innermost dancing DNA and made you move whether you wanted to or not. You can argue that this song made Dr SID a household name in Nigeria, and it’s largely thanks to Don Baba and that sick beat.


12Give It To Me – D’Prince

When this song hits in the club, it’s pretty much game over. Don Jazzy so served this beat up in a golden plate that we all didn’t care what D’Prince was saying or if he was making sense. When that chorus rolls through you can’t do nothing but pump that fist in the air with the base.


11Godwin – Korede Bello

Is there a bigger song than Godwin in 2015? You’d be tempted to say Don Jazzy did partia for Korede Bello because he ended up with one of the best beats he’s done in recent times. Whether you play this in the club, at a wedding or in church, the song just blends in with every occasion.



10Surulere – Dr SID

Another silky smooth beat with a hint of synthesizers in it brought about this mega hit for Dr SID. It feels like repeating the same thing over, but this another heavy hitter in a string of dope tunes produced by Don Jazzy.



9The Kick – Wande Coal

This was one the last beats Wande Coal would get from Don Jazzy before splitting out to form Black Diamond, but I’m very sure he’ll cherish it because it is one of Don Baba’s most unique productions. The heavy base background makes this song club ready immediately.



8Been Long You Saw Me – Wande Coal

Another one the solid tunes from Don Jazzy that Wande was very much able to capitalize on. It wasn’t just the beat sef, but that extra vocals Don Jazzy added that makes this song so dope.



7Igwe – Dbanj

Once this beat hits, I swear I break out in my traditional anambra atilogwu dance… and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Between Don Jazzy and Dbanj they produced musical orgasm with this tune.


6Awww – Di’Ja

So you didn’t think Don Jazzy could produce a mellow alternative love tune right? Wrong… Don Jazzy showed his versatility by putting up this hot alternative sound for Di”ja. It sounded so different from what we expect from Don Jazzy that we had to look up the production credits to make sure. The way the beat switches up through the song is just outstanding.



5Bumper To Bumper – Wande Coal

Wcizzy, you know it’s mohizzy,…. Na who do the beat o, Don Baba J. Bumper to Bumper is one of the biggest party tune of the past decade, and that’s not even up for debate. Don Baba J completely entered out brain with this beat. So much so that you can just dance to the instrumentals straight up…. and that beat drop with the drum rolls at the bridge. Goodness.



4Suddenly – Dbanj

If you’re doubting that Dbanj got the best out of Don Jazzy, then here’s another reminder. Suddenly, off Dbanj’s Entertainer album, was/is a madt jam, and 50% of the reason is sick production from Jazzy. Not just the sounds and melody by the quality of the production too. If this was rereleased in 2015 it’ll still be a top 10 song.


3Critical – Ikechukwu

Ikechukwu got a gift of a beat with this A+ production package from Don Jazzy. The way the beat drops when it the song starts off is just too damn sick. It’s like the best of Afro-Pop fused with the best of a hip-hop beat. Perfection in a 4 min eargasmic session.


2Oliver Twist – Dbanj

Oliver Twist would be the last time Dbanj and Don Jazzy worked together official before they bought went their seperate ways, but this song will be a constant reminder of the magic that Don Jazzy can produce alongside Dbanj.

Oliver Twist would go on to be mega international hit, getting radio spins in the UK, USA, Canada, and many more countries. Oh and it didn’t stop there, there were numerous dance covers, and freestyles. It’s pretty much Don Jazzy’s most popular beat ever, and Dbanj’s biggest hit. 36 million views on YouTube is just one proof.



1Gbono Feli Feli – Dbanj

We’re here at #1 finally, and really without a doubt, Gbono Feli Feli (off Dbanj’s Entertainer album) is hands down the best beat Don Jazzy has done till date. Yes it’s not as popular as Oliver Twist, and some others but the entire composition of this beat (and song) is the standard I use to judge producers in Nigeria today. The loop of “Gbono Feli Feli”, the base line, the drum pattern, and linking up with Dbanj in his prime makes this tune their best tune together.


  1. Nice…Really nice. Even though I’m just seeing this, I agree with most of it. I feel D’banj’s “Why me” should have made the list though. It was very iconic for it’s time.


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