Headies 2014: Letter to Ayo Animashaun by Abiose Oladunni



Compliments of the Season Nigeria!!!!!! It was supposed to be an astonishing night to round off a beautiful musical year for Nigeria. We can’t always get it right but some mistakes are better avoided. After all is said and done,its for a better Headies come 2015. There were some particular mistakes that were observed from Last year’s award and I think my letter to Uncle Ayo last year helped to correct some of it but still some are still re-occuring…Okay, too much story, lets get down to bizness. The errors this year Will Not be waived. For those who bought tickets, for those who stayed awake glued to the television…this one’s for you guys;
1. SOUND: At first I thought my Television was faulty and I had to call the attention of my dad to it but the old man said “check other stations before you say rubbish about my expensive Television” well I did what he said but mehn…I don’t understand why sound should be an issue in your show at the level where Headies is right now , you are a reputable man and I am sure you work with biggest brands and the people present live at the show had to deal with the low quality of sound throughout the event. All performing artistes had to manouver their way around poor audio and entertaining the crowd at the same time. I sincerely hope this won’t be part of our issues next year..Amen.

2. HOSTS: Well, immediately I saw Basket Mouth I believed it was a not- so- bad replacement for Bovi’s absence but were you able to merge with sisi Toke? I don’t know what you guys considered before picking her but for me, the MBGN paegent she hosted with IK back then was “a way below” par delivery from her. Asides that, is it that there was no sound check by the hosts? No script for them to follow? No wadrobe check?. She no go let Basket mouth finish before she help am crack joke finish. Its not the Hosts,its the preparation of the Hosts for the events and proper understanding of how to steer the flow between the hosts. This can’t continue to happen please so we will help you assume its because of change of male hosts on such short notice,once again we forgive you. #tokeremembertoleavespacetobreatheinyouroutfit

3. TIME FACTOR: I remember when the counting down began on HipTV, why there was so much noise about starting at exactly 9pm is beyond me, it is Nigeria and I think we are used to the African Timing mentality, the timing already killed the show, coupled with stopping some amazing performances like that of Skales, Cynthia morgan etc was not fair, atleast let them be great even if they won’t win, that’s not too much to ask for brosss.

4. TABLE: I noticed the tables and I pondered, and pondered, and pondered what are the benefits that comes with a table purchase? …the worth of those products on the table was below expectation and dissapointing to say the least.. like!shoot me already!…ridiculous is an undastatement. Let’s just pretend most of the tables were sold on credit? Abi where the tables given out for free?? I keep asking myself, is Headies going forward or backward because I can remember vividly the 2012 edition, the tables were filled with exotic drinks and what not, I don’t know if una kuku serve dem food in the end but then…u guys thought we would not notice the 1million Naira Table was as good as join me at the regular……ko da ooo Uncle Ayo

5. BEST POP SINGLE: This particular category got me thinking for good 15 mins when Dorobucci was announced as winner. Hold on, is it that we forget good music fast in Nigeria?? I am not saying Dorobucci was not huge but in a category that has “AYE” by Davido, that stayed for more than 2 months on MTN’s Nigeria Top 10 countdown on Beat FM or “CARO” by L.A.X & Wizkid??? There’s no credibility whatsoever here mehn, maybe it is because Dorobucci is still very new to our ears that’s why it won it but the Jury’s decision should over-shadow the voting at times, it can’t always be about Voting alone sir.
6. RAP ALBUM: The fact that I am not really a big fan of RAP doesn’t mean I won’t comment on this category, when it is RAP then it should be strictly RAP. I am a lover of Olamide’s versatility and talent that really showed on the album (BGEL), now I read this category is a “Non-Voting” category, so how on earth was it able to win over Jesse Jagz album?? Please we really need to know who your judges are because for an award of this kind, we should believe that your Judges won’t be biased in decision making. Honestly, Jesse Jags’ album was so Huge and well deserving if truly we are talking about a Rap Album in this category but then it is done already, we just need to know your jury since we mere mortals can’t choose winners in this particular one.

7. PRODUCER: First of all,seeing Don Jazzy among the nominees, I knew something was wrong. At this point I think we should appreciate the young chaps doing big music in the industry, we all know Don Jazzy is a BOSS when it comes to this but why not exclude the likes of Shizzy, Tspize, Legendury Beats, Del B in this category with Don Jazzy if you know they won’t win, there is no competition with Don jazzy being in this category. And to let you know how disrespectful this is to the HEADIES, Don Jazzy was within the crowd and he make the award look meaningless and useless for not coming on stage to receive it himself. At first I thought he was not available but coming up for a performance means he’s passed the stage of receiving that particular award. And then, I will keep questioning the decision of not including Sarz again this year…shey beef dey there ni?? Sarz has been consistent over the years and still there’s no atom of recognition for his hardwork?? if anoda thing dey am make una lerrus know biko.

8. DIRECTOR: You see ehn, it is just too obvious that we always do clique something in this industry. Clarence na oga for this matter and you have to show respect to other people doing well too. I don’t know if it is the crowd and picture quality that gave this “ADA ADA” video the best but I think we should also take a deep look at “TOH BAHD” shot by Kemi Adetiba,*pause* *now go on* it has a beautiful story line, picture quality and whatever a good video needs to make it to the top. The fact that she is a lady and her recent works also looking so good should make your juries have a re-think over the decision they arrived at. Likewise the Producer’s category, Clarence was not even around to receive the award, I know he will say “I was in Australia shooting a Dope video for Skuki” but kilo kan mi?…i just believe there is more to this award thingy than Name.

9. CLOSING REMARK: YOU DID THIS WITH KWAM 1 LAST YEAR, YOU DID IT AGAIN THIS YEAR! Yes I am shouting!LET ME SHOUT!!!!!..Psquare was still going to perform and you announced the “Artiste of The Year” & “Next Rated”?? Everybody knows this is the big award and the highlight for the night, na wetin most people dey wait for be this. When the “Next Rated” winner was announced, the chairs start to dey empty and after the “Artiste of the Year” the Regular ticket holders became the BIG BOSS. Psquare still one of the greatest performers in Africa and performing to empty chairs and hall no be am at all, una for no kuku allow dem perform but dem sef no worry sha…maybe its Nigerians I should blame for their rudeness every year, or the member of the Headies crew that draws the programme for the night. Nigerians stop walking out before it all ends! Headies stop putting a great performance after major part of the night don finish #pleasemakeitstop.

GENERAL CONCLUSION: HEADIES was compared to. Almighty GRAMMYS by Basket Mouth, right there in his sarcasm, he was trying to place the brand to the height of Grammys since it is the biggest award in Nigeria but we are still not getting something right. My candid view about all these flaws or excuse about not getting sponsors every year is basically on the credibility, packaging and level of the award. Mr Ayeni has been working with BHM for a long while if I’m correct. BHM is arguably one of the biggest brand in marketing events so wetin happen wey make dem no fit get atleast one sponsor? ..or is it greed that is the causer of this? Lol
This thing called “SOUND CHECK” by artistes before the event. I am very sure Mr Ayeni can get the bestest (I know there is nothing lyk this,calm down) stage manager to do this job, its very simple, an artiste absent at sound checks and rehearsals is not ready to perform. The idea of squeezeing in an artiste for performance that will single-handedly drag ‘flop’ into your show as a guest. While Davido was performing, he kept giving the DJ signs to stop the AYE part, maybe the guy no understand sign language but it was never the DJ’s fault at all. Olamide too was not left out of the DJ sign language thingy. I won’t blame the DJ, let’s blame Sound check!!! EKO Hotel is a venue that has more traffic during Decembers, the event was supposed to be October, and then Gbam!it was rescheduled to Mid-December to end at 4am on a Monday moreen!(the moreen is intentional,nothing cute about Mondays)
There are 12 months in a year, maybe this reschedule to December was the undoing of this year’s Headies, that made sound check almost impossible, but again, all na trial,so let’s forgive this year and pretend your crew was experimenting with ‘Month check’. Before Nigerians will start wondering who died and made me judge.. we just want the best and value for our ticket and time whilst staying awake to watch Headiesssss :). Its not hate oooo but Toke Makinwa..how did you breathe throughout the night in that dress.

Well enough said, that is my humble opinion and advice about the Headies 2014. And on this note, uncle Ayo. Thank you for believing in the Nigerian artistes, entertainment industry. It would only get better is what we hope for. God bless you, God bless Nigeria… Abiose Oladunni



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