Has Tiwa Savage Gone Soft On Us?


‘I can’t seem the shake off the feeling that I am missing Tiwa Savage’, I unwilling confided in a close friend, who immediately laughed off my remarks. ‘But she just released new music sometime last week, have you not heard the song?’, he asked. ‘I have heard the song…but ehen…’. ‘But what?’, my friend slowly turns in my direction to hear what I had to say.

‘I think Tiwa has gone soft on us o, that new song na slow-burner my guy’, that was my reply. ‘Ehen, e make sense like that now’, my friend chipped in, ‘just play the song a lot more, you go like am’ he continued.

These days Tiwa Savage sings like a woman who is gradually finding love again and doesn’t want to rush it. Obviously she has lowered the metre of her music to stay around mid-tempo with more incorporation of Afrobeat. She seems to be exploring her R&B side more while the pop persona slowly withdraws behind the curtains.

Dangerous Love‘ is a good song but not near her best R&B type song and it seems Mama J is getting all mushy on her fans. she has been serving us this lovey-dovey mid-tempo tunes right from last year and perhaps its time we have some heavy pop tunes from her.

Sincerely, it’s been a minute since we got an instant smash hit from the former Mavin Records first lady and that vacuum still remains, ‘49-99‘, ‘Attention‘, ‘Owo Mi Da‘ and the most recent ‘Dangerous Love’ all leave more to be desired.

The whole vibe about Mama J’s new song portends she is staying around what would be her comfort zone while doing the bare minimum you can easily tell she just wants to ‘relass and be taken kiaroff’.

As much as the ginger around Tiwa Savage the de facto queen of Nigerian mainstream music begins to wane, at the moment, nobody is giving her a reason to lose sleep over her throne.

tiwa savage

Perhaps the ‘Kele Kele Love’ crooner would be giving us an R&B album so she is subtly preparing our hearts for this lovey-dovey side to her artistry.

While it would be unfair to detect the artistic direction for an artist, her core fan base which is made up of Nigerians don’t care so much about R&B, we essentially enjoy pop music or any genre that makes us loosen up or feel tough. The recent songs are not banging hence there is the need to give fans what they want, something razz and carefree. The average Nigerian fan does not appreciate R&B as much as they would a pop or street hop record. 

At this juncture, Tiwa will be doing fans a world of good if she dishes out a brazen pop tune that is even more experimental than an R&B tune with which she tries to play safe and mushy. 

It’s time to go hard!


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