God doesn’t want to hear about sex?


It is said that man has an insatiable quest for sex, food and money. Do you agree? I do!

I got into a conversation with some colleagues, and we got talking about God and the “weird” things people ask of him. Some of the things listed didn’t seem so off to me, so i decided to ask a question. I started by saying “Since it is not right to sleep with my partner before marriage, how do i know that he can actually do what his mates do behind closed doors?” I further said that if i am to pray for a man, sex will definitely be in the list. My colleagues almost chopped me raw and cracked my bones join.

But think about it… If the Bible says in 1 Peter 5:7, ” Let him have all your worries and cares, for he is always thinking about you and watching everything that concerns you”, why shouldn’t i be open with God about all that concerns me? I think this is the reason Christianity seems so uptight and unrealistic to many, because we are made to believe there are certain things we shouldn’t talk to God about- forgetting he knows our hearts anyways. There are just too many restrictions created by man. Who says God only wants to hear about how beautiful and holy He is and nothing about you? Doesn’t that make Him come across as selfish? The verse above explains that He cares about even the things i consider irrelevant for him to know. Sex wasn’t invented by man but by God for Christ sakes! He knew what he was doing when He invented something so beautiful, a single act that can form a bond forever…

If we cannot talk to God and even our parents about this, biko nu, whom can we then talk to? In fact, the act probably wouldn’t be abused if we can open up to our kids or younger ones about the beauty of sex when done at the right time. Curiosity doesn’t kill cats alone but humans as well, because that information you think is soo sacred to share especially- to younger ones, they’d scout for elsewhere, and they might be taught either in a good or bad way.

Talking about sex- although (not excessively) – as long as it pertains to marriage, isn’t appalling to God. So yes! God cares about your sex life!



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