#ForTheSakeOfTheMoney: Where Are They Now?


First, I would like to give a disclaimer just to calm all sensitivities. This post is not to spite anyone and should not be taken as that. If you disagree, it is ok. If you are on the list, take it as a challenge to prove me wrong.

After the whole Godwon-Ayo incident the other day on twitter, I started to think about Nigerian artista that shined on one record causing us to set high expectations for their careers but never got anything from. So I posed the question to my few followers on twitter “How many years can an artist go between hits to be considered a ‘One Hit Wonder’?” The response varied with the minimum being 2 years. I was more generous and said 5 years and if you know me, I can be a tad bit ruthless so 5 years from me is really generous. My list is solely set based on what we consider the new school of Nigerian Music so even though I miss the Zaakis, Alariwos, Baba Fryos, Eddy Remedys and etc., they do not make the list or maybe they just did.

Since he is my inspiration for this post, the top spot goes to…

GODWON – Goddy bust on the scene with probably one of the biggest rap collaborations we will ever witness in Nigerian music. Teaming Sauce Kid (Sinzu) and Ikechukwu (Kilz) for the 2011 Remix of “Too Much Money”. Touting the accolade of winning Eminem’s Freestyle competition, I thought Godwon was about to be Nigeria’s top rapper. Since then Olamide, Ice Prince, Phyno and the likes have happened, but Goddy is still on twitter…fighting. Burning bridges and apologizing. You no do well, bros. #ForTheSakeOfTheMoney make good music, not diss tracks.


BIGIANO – The biggest Nigerian party track of 2008/2009 was Shayo by Bigiano. Don’t argue this fact. I still have my Shayo Master album, I actually bought the album and I was sure Bigano was going places. The last I heard he left music to refocus his brand as an entertainer and was supposed to be making a comeback. #ForTheSakeOfTheMoney come back, boss.


KAS – Please do not act surprised. Who can forget how fi mi le baby, fi mi le made us feel. Fi mi le was the Naija babes that are well known for their fronting skills anthem and the Naija big boys’ motto. After Fi mi le, the self-produced track that shot Kas in to the limelight, he has gone to produce other tracks but none has really hit. I took the time to check kasbeats.com and even though it looks like Tejuosho market on the web, it was good to see he just released a new song “Whining Anthem”. As a producer, writer and artist, Kas definitely did not show out.


DEEBEE – Where’s DeeBee? Seriously, where is he? Collabo was another big dance track from 2008. It did not really gain traction until like 2009 but that propelled DeeBee to new heights. He racked in awards and performed everywhere but today, I can’t seem to find what DeeBee’s been up to. If you know where he is, please tell him we are still waiting oo.


SOTY – I mean after Soty released Malaria we all thought she was about to be the next big thing in music. The song was, but as for her she never quite reached the heights her song set. Her album was mediocre at best, and after about a year of spins, we never heard from her again.


*Honorable Mention*

JJC – We are Africans and then what? I don’t really classify JJC as a one hit wonder per say but he kind of is. JJC is one of those artists that drop a track like once every 3 years. He basically goes away from mainstream then drops a good track out of nowhere. I’m not sure if it’s deliberate but if you take this career seriously, you need to do better. #ForTheSakeOfTheMoney increase your frequency.

That’s it for now. We are watching and I’ll like to place some people on notice. Chuddy K – Gaga Crazy, JahBless – Jor oo and SamKlef – Mo lo wo is expiring oo. Time to re-up.



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