February 14th: the “Awwns”, “God whens'” and the “what did i just watch?” moments!


This past weekend was undoubtedly one of the most loved weekends, the world over. There was so much love in the air, we are sure more than a few people just might have caught on to the love bug.

So while it was beautiful and memorable for some, it was still memorable but rather something to forget quickly for others.

Because love is a serious thing and should be treated as such, we saw people literally go out on a limb to make lifetime memories for their lovers. We saw people book WHOLE STADIUMS to perform songs for their lovers, saw people getting their marriage proposals rejected e.t.c, So, we thought we’d show you the ones that caught our attention:


Nope, this is not about Mr Adeleke and Chioma!

A very sweet video has surfaced online, in the video we can hear Davido’s voice as he gifts out a valentine hamper to a security guard which leaves the security man almost speechless and this completely melted our hearts.

Apparently, it’s not always controversy around Davido, He can be a sweetheart too!


We also saw a “Picture” from party scatter crooner Fireboy DML and gelato singer DJ Cuppy. Whilst some folk seem to think there’s romance between the duo, others say it’s probably a scene from a music video shoot!

Whatever it is that this two have going on, we love the suspense already. Pepper us please!

American singer Enisa and Nigerian social media influencer Alhaji Beardless smallie

Love is a beautiful thing and nothing should stop us from expressing how we feel to those we feel about!

Sunday saw Nigerian twitter influencer Alhaji Beardless smallie shoot his shot on twitter in a letter to American singer Enisa who gained popularity in Nigeria through her vocal support of last october’s #EndSars protests. The super pretty singer replied in a tweet saying she loved his handwriting and asking why there was a lighter attached to the letter (perhaps to spark up a flame!).

Have a look at the letter and her reply:


However this turns out, we’ll be waiting!

Strange but true reaction to a proposal

So this one particularly got our attention. A guy proposes to the love of his life and she goes bonkers. Just watch this and maybe you could help us explain what is going on here.


These are some of the memorable moments from St.Valentine’s day for us. Feel free to tell us about yours!



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