Who You Epp Freestyles: The Best Ones We’ve Heard So Far

who you epp

Ever since Olamide dropped his track Who You Epp, and announced his freestyle contest, the hip-hop world in Nigeria has been buzzing seriously. It almost seems like everyone is dropping a verse or two on the sick beat produced by Shizzi. From those trying to win the contest, to the big names who just want to drop a sweet verse or two on the trend. It’s been the buzz of the week.

So we’re here now to give you the best ones we’ve heard so far. We know there are dozens out there that you might not want to spend all your time and/or data sifting through. That’s why you have us. Please note that this is just our opinion, and is not affiliated with the actual contest.

Here goes (in no particular order)

Lord V – The V Mix

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 10.54.09 AM

Lord V dropped some serious bars on this. Easy, laid back flow, that you can enjoy and digest well well. Stealing babes with 50 liter jerry can. It’s not beans.



Pryse – Who You Epp

Chocolate City’s Pryse decided to hop on this and add it to her Pryseless freestyle series. She made a meal out of the beat, and if she was really in the contest, she’d probably win it. Bringing in the talents of labelmate Ckay also.





Poe switched it up a bit, and slowed down the beat via IKON. He did what he does best, and dropped bars that way below ground level. Even NEPA offing light didn’t stop his moment.




Classiq hit us in the face with his solid flow that saw him switch up between Hausa and English. A very easy listen, you’d think he was supposed to be on the song.




This is probably the most creative of all the ones I’ve heard. BILS made a story out of the whole idea, and added some maggi it. It’s pretty much another song complete with recordings from comedian Kapone. Even snapchat voicemail.





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