Eldee Replies – “Started with nothing, had a good run”


So i took out time to check Eldee’s twitter page and i go to see his response to our article We need to be sure! Is Eldee Alive?

Eldee made it clear that we should not be expecting anything from him regarding music at least for the mean time that we know.


Read below in his exact words and see what a fan said.


A fan Tweeted he has alot to offer, why quit…see his response



But if you are a true Eldee fan…you will not let Eldee just take that good run away until he gives us another tune!


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  1. 2day na 2day, u no go escape, #eldee dont quit oo, give us another tune,u2 make brain. av missed his original n sweet solid beats in our naija hiphop scene


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