Does Anyone Really Care About P-Square Making Up?


It’s an honest question really. Does anyone really care anymore that P-Square have reunited? Short answer – Not Really.

The whole drama, though crazy and fascinating at first, dragged out for way too long, and had too many twists and turns that we eventually lost interest. Kinda like Walking Dead by time we got to season 5.

Earlier this year, the P-Square saga took a very messy road when they came out against each other on social media. Between Peter, Paul, and their older brother, Jude, it seemed like everyone was taking shots at each other on any given day. Jude said he was done, Paul started his own label (released music), and Peter changed his name to Mr P and attempted to release new material. For the record, both the new name (Mr P), and the record (Call Heaven) were completely wack… it honestly should’ve been named “Hell Called” with that atrocity. Moving on. 

Fast forward to yesterday, when almost everyone has moved on with their lives, P-Square announce that they have reunited. Really? We didn’t even believe you broke up in the first place. And that nollywood style “apology” from Peter Okoye… sigh.. Lord please just save us from 2016. I mean… Wazalldis?

Truth is, P-Square haven’t had a proper hit record since 2014, and their last album is a C- at best. They have been outsiders in the music scene over the past two years and have really just lived off past glory (to be fair their past is pretty damn glorious) and they need to revamp and realign themselves with 2016.

I get that 2016 has been the year of controversy and drama, and it seems to sell these days, but doctoring up drama just for publicity is pretty damn lame. Even worse when it’s so obvious it’s not real. 

Bottom line is P-Square have earned themselves a solid F9 for 2016. The only way they can salvage this mess is by putting out good music. Not calling to heaven, or any of that. Do what made you stars in the first place and all will be forgiven, but until then, please gerrahere with this nonsense.

Rant over. 


  1. Truth is, now that we have that Adekunle Gold album, everything else just sounds like loud, useless noise. So Peter, Paul, and even Mary can go and die. True music fans won’t be bothered.


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