Dear Twitter Followers, Stop Fuelling Burna Boy’s Arrogance


Earlier today, I followed Burna Boy’s Twitter session where followers, fans and music lovers alike asked questions, and he picked those he found worth his time to answer. I found it engaging, quite insightful, and I immediately knew that he would become a trending topic (for good reasons I told myself.) I guess I spoke too quickly.

Just today alone, Burna Boy has threatened to beat up raving Nigerian singer, Ceeza Milli over songwriting claims, called Reekado Banks an unworthy contestant, and his dislike for Wizkid fans.

Just look at all the attention he has gained in just a few hours, and the reactions from bloggers, industry giants, fellow artists, fans, critics, and music lovers alike. Y’all must have a love-hate relationship for Burna.

But before I delve into the topic of discussion, I want to ask this rhetorical question. What is it about being a superstar that has made Burna Boy a seemingly arrogant/egotistical character? Is it normal behavior?

As I was trying to answer these questions in my head, and giving reasons why he’s grown to become this person who derives pleasure getting under ‘our’ skins, it dawned on me how much people on Twitter have played a pivotal role in fuelling Burna Boy’s ego.

Did he grow up as an over-pampered child? One could easily ask. Why does he derive so much joy triggering people? Or is Burna Boy just a narcissist?

Now let’s look closely at who a narcissist is and their underlying personality. I googled to check the meaning and this is what I got.

Narcissistic personality disorder involves a pattern of self-centered, arrogant thinking and behavior, a lack of empathy and consideration for other people, and an excessive need for admiration.

I will let you make your informed judgments based on the aforementioned description of a narcissist to see if it fits Burna Boy’s persona.

But again, is it advisable to respect straight-up criticism from someone who never has anything positive to say? So maybe he’s not narcissistic, he just gets infuriated to see what you all have to say.

Why Are Fans Always Surprised?

For real people! Why do you all act surprised when Burna Boy comes out with very obnoxious statements? It shouldn’t come off as a surprise anymore but again, you people find a way to indulge him.

A few people like to assume Burna Boy’s cocky attitude is an indication that he doesn’t care what people think or say about him. But that’s bullshit. Like David Baboulene puts it, “The artist cares deeply about what people think, and often they are, underneath it all, humble, peaceful people like the rest of us. However, they appear to have an arrogance because their art is pushed out by a passionate, blinkered drive that makes it what it is and, for that artist, the product cannot possibly be any other way.”

However, Burna Boy has rarely shown any semblance of humility for the most part of his career, which has worked incredibly well for him. Why? Cos he uses your reactions to gain more attention, which in turn earns him more notoriety. The more the industry tries to cancel him, he leverages the attention to do even more. And quite frankly, he’s paid his haters back by getting better with his art over the years.

Bad Attention, Good outcome

For someone who has been in the news on several occasions for unpleasant reasons, one would think that Burna Boy’s career would have hit rock-bottom. But has it? Your guess is as good as mine.

From the time he fired his mom as his manager, to his unfortunate incident with Mr 2Kay, Burna Boy has only grown to become better in his art regardless of what people feel about him.

While many have called him cocky, others have opined that it’s not arrogance, it’s ownership. It’s taking responsibility. And that’s exactly the way it should be. Taking ownership of his art gave him the impetus to crown himself as the self-acclaimed African Giant, a title which birthed his critically acclaimed album.

Remember his Coachella experience? How about the time he recently said nobody paved the way for him or the time he publicly disgraced his mother and grandfather during an ongoing interview. Burna Boy’s unruly behavior has become his form of identity and no matter how much you try to reproach him, it becomes a futile effort.

Just look at the giant strides he made the preceding year. The outcome, a laudable one also fueled his importance, hence giving him more bragging rights. 

It’s high time people come to terms with the fact that Burna Boy will never change and just enjoy his music cos the attention he is getting is only making him a bigger force to be reckoned with.

Meanwhile, he’s got a new freestyle to buttress my points. Check on it below and expect his album in July this year.


    • Guy you shut up. Which kind nonsense comment be this? It’s people like you that won’t let people express their thoughts

  1. Seeing him get up and walk out in that video was hard. The comments on twitter are crazy Lol. He seems to not care what people think. He’s an undeniable talent who has mastered his craft and keeps growing in leaps. With this combo, arrogance is inevitable. Interesting post, Jah bless


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