Dbanj-DonJazzy Split… Life Goes On


It’s no news anymore that the two Giants, D’banj and Don Jazzy decided to split up. Personally saw it coming after his big achievement signing to “GOOD MUSIC”.Now they both went apart doesn’t mean they won’t be friends or we won’t see them at occasions or still popping bottles together. You see what you people don’t get is that these two people have been together for more than a decade, and regardless what happened between them , they will still have this strong relationship between them that you and I don’t know. So yo guys should stop jumping into conclusions.

Let me take you down memory Lane, before we knew what Mo-hits was. These two Music Big Giants ( as we call them today) were with JJC and 419 squad before they all split up and both came together to become MO-HITS. Back then we all said Life goes on right? why is it hard for us to say that now? So, they splitting up is not a big deal or not new.

I’ve read a lot of funny/stupid tweets about the situation and i think some people are probably stupid or just making Lame jokes out of it. Yeah it was after d’banj got signed to Good Music, it all happened. So? Dem no come from heaven together naw, which one come be una own
I have read different stories, D’banj say this, D’banj said that , but my people he is allowed to say anything Same as Don Jazzy. It’s not like the world is coming to an end because of their separation. So you people need to drink Sobo and chill.

D’banj, Donjazzy and the rest of the crew will still be making music “Good Music” Regardless , so anybody can go with anybody so far they are making “Good Music” we should really not care about their split up, but see what’s next for them in the future.

    Na Kanye Cause am, Na Good Music Cause, D’banj is Ungrateful, Don Jazzy is Jealous.. blah blah blah , stop carrying their problems on your head. D’banj and Donjazzy will be somewhere enjoying life while you waste your time and BIS tweeting what they are not reading, even if they were reading, they don’t care. So please be productive with your life, so that people can talk about you too.

With that being said, we will miss D’banj saying “It’s Donjazzy Again” (That entrance they sweet, no one does it better,but yeah life goes on just as Dagrin Died) it might probably be “It’s Good Music Again” Chuckles…. Let’s see how it goes sha. So, My brother and my sister “Life Goes On” – Inserts 2pac’s Voice, ends it with Rozay’s Grunt;You Dig?

Don’t be a Weist, use your time wisely…Deuces!!!


  1. The jaguda agent that wrote this has no sense for abusing people,what will people say before?every body has his own comment about thr spliting,so speak wisely.mm

  2. Luv dis article much, ur points are perfects with deep thought. We fail to do 2 tins on dis part of the world, which are “think deep nd appreciate”. Wen 2face letf kennis nd OJB, I guess people were sayin 2baba will get low production nd then came J sleek. Also nice nd Cabasa nd now Cheepo. U al Should b critical ndnot sentimental. Lv 4 D’banj nd Don jazzy nd all who will still lv dem regardless of their faults.

  3. Yes oooo….Life goes On

    Well to Me I believe there’s no one 2 important in another person’s Life

    So if they had 2 Split…..Its 4 Reasons best known 2 both….So guys “make una stop 2 dey take panadol 4 anoda man headache”

  4. This is a non article. Biased bullshit with no new information. If you wish to correct public opinion , kindly print out the facts about the matter instead of going on a rant. This is kindergaten journalism. And please correct the typos. What a joke article

  5. who is this editor Bashorun Jaguda or who ever wrote this dosen't make sense?you are not suppose to criticizes comment on here the least you could do is delete any comment you people don't want on your site, cos that was why you put SUBMIT COMMENT button at the bottom of this page, dont tell people what they should write about there feelings on anything they read this is just a public site.keep updating nija entertainment gist for us to read .

  6. Lmao i love this post, i love the emphasis on Good music. You are right tho, life goes on. You guys don't get this article, the same thing he is saying , it's obvious in the comments.

  7. Bashorun Jaguda You are very Crazy, Lol this article is hilarious. You People will just come here and start commenting like he was abusing your family or something. @ bros, kindagarten journalism, go and read newspaper if you are looking for one and it's not biased in any way. The article is not that serious , the whole point was to laugh. Stop carrying People's buisness on your head. Same thing he is saying. Nice One Bashorun, i love your work ethic.

  8. Lol All of Una Go dey Ok oo, if you don't like the article, just don't comment. Using Fake Names to comment on here is not cool. You know pretty well IP can be traced right ? So yeah deal with the article, i wrote it not to satisfy anybody!

  9. Mr. Bashorun jaguda,all i ve 2 say is dat u had a very gud point shared here but u ova emphasised it though.2 much maggi dey spoil soup.Dis a public site.so, let dem say,dats wot differentiates us.

  10. This is my first time of commenting on any post here… And my first comment goes to the admin of jaguda… Please delete this post asap… #Shikena

  11. The fact that you’ve got good writing skill doesn’t mean you should abuse it. Remember we are all entitled to our opinions.

  12. Whoeva wrote dis article is a fool cos u jst insulted pple’s right 2 deir opinion.ur article was simply ur own opinion too nd u shuldnt jst insult pple simply becos its ur blog or site d funniest part was sayin dey make deir own money nd we re talkin abt dem wat did u jst do also next time writ sumfin credible wateva i do wif my life is none of ur business abi na u dey pay bis money 4 me


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