Daddy Showkey At 50: Here Are His Top 5 Hit Songs

daddy showkey

Veteran Nigerian singer and galala music pioneer, Daddy Showkey is 50 years old today. Yes, it’s his golden jubilee year!

Born on the 4th of August, 1970 as John Odafe Asiemo, the singer who grew up in the ghetto parts of Ajegunle, was a big music hit in the nineties. He is mostly associated with the ghetto singers in Ajegunle such as Baba Fryo.

Showkey was born to Isoko parents in Delta state and grew up in Ajegunle, Lagos State. He got his nickname through his grandmother’s elder sister’s son who was popularly known as Showboy way back. Showboy brought him up, so, he had to adopt the name, “Showkid” as a child. But as he grew older, his friends changed it to “Showkey”.

The “Galala King” was the first artist to start the Nigerian Dancehall style. Instead of using the Jamaican patois, Daddy Showkey decided to use Pidgin English for his music and invented a dance style that changed the Nigerian dancehall scene.

To celebrate him at 50 here are 5 of our best songs from the King of Nigerian Ghetto music

1. Dyna

2. Fire Fire

3. Somebody Call My Name

4. Ghetto Soldier

5. What’s Gonna Be, Gonna Be

Which other songs from Daddy Showkey did you grow up listening to?

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