COZA, Ese Walter and The Unhealthy Nigerian Attitude of Clergy Adulation



Religion is not a topic I particularly like writing about. Not because I am afraid of controversial topics, but because I believe every religion or denomination is supported in blind faith by its adherents. Therefore taking them up on the the presence or absence of evidence to back up their beliefs and doctrines usually doesn’t count for much.

However, in the occasion that followers of a religion or denomination become hypocrites, and behave contrary to the very essence of the things they preach, I believe it is necessary and perhaps even compulsory to call them to order.

I have just(1:45am, 24th August) read the story   of a certain Ese Walter who claims in a lengthy and detailed blog post that she had a sexual affair with Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo, the senior pastor of COZA, a popular church in Abuja.

She mentions names of witnesses and claims to have evidences to back up her claims, but that is not my concern here. I do not know if the story is true and cannot vouch for it 100%.

The reaction of people on blogs, forums and chatrooms towards this news is however very disturbing.

Perhaps because Ese claims to have proof including a recording of her discussion of the indecent incident with an assistant pastor of COZA, most people were reluctant to say she is lying.

Many people have however turned to the absurd and utterly misplaced and disturbing statements like “touch not my anointed” and “she is trying to ruin a man of God” or even worse “the Pastor was tempted, and didn’t force her”.

Really? Seriously?

Are people so hopelessly ignorant as to think that everyone who mounts the pulpit and claims to be a man of God is truly sincere?

Are they not emphatically disturbed that such an incident (if it is true) may have or will still happen to other members of the church? Maybe even someone they are related to?

Shouldn’t they be disappointed if the news is true instead of going on the defensive to defend someone because he claims to be a “man of God”? How do you know he is a man of God? Because he says so?

Why should anyone be making excuses for someone who is meant to be a role model by saying “he was tempted”? How do you know he doesn’t do it regularly and this confession is just one of his many sexcapades?

Please, do not be afraid of anybody!

God is the only one you should be afraid of!

If any Pastor, Bishop or whatever title he has, does anything contrary to what he preaches, challenge him, if he doesn’t change, expose him!

God will not punish you for telling the truth, if anything, he will reward you for making thousands of people realize they are following a false preacher.

Do not idolize ANYBODY. They may be tricksters.

Be especially wary of people who those who claim authority in the name of religion, na wetin dem go chop most of them dey find.

I rest my case.

PS: I do not know if Ese Walter’s story is true. If it turns out it is, do not defend a fraud. If the story is a hoax (believe me, for the sake of the faith of my personal friends who attend COZA, I hope it is) the moral of my epistle still holds, let us call a spade a spade, if someone does a bad thing, do not make excuses for him, no matter who he is.

Everyman, clergy or laity must take full responsibility for his actions.

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  1. I think Ese walter is lieing, she must have a huge feeling for d pastor, is she a dummy? Why didn’t she make her choice when the pastor approached her for sex? She should go sit her ass somewhere and stop looking for a way to be popular cos this system won’t help!!!! Cynthia Anuforo


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