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Yesoooo! I no reach?

The whole country is currently agog with political rallies everywhere. Most Politicians/magicians are out with their jack knives, long spoons, guns and God knows what. As I lament over our obnoxious predicament, the phone rings, my uncle Chief Ogbuagu Uzukwu Nsofor summoning me to his house. Una no go believe weytin we yarn! He called me to ask me to join politics and campaign for a political position. Haba! Me? Like how, for where? Who die? Kai! Tufiakwa was my immediate response.

Why will I want to join the bandwagon of thieves and criminals with no pedigree or honour? But he went on to extoll all the good virtues that he believed that I had which he said was badly needed in the political arena of today. He said I was transparent, honest and dedicated to service so he was sure that I wouldn’t get into politics to steal from the people. Of course I had a good laugh, but as soon as I got back to my hotel room, it left me thinking deeply.

If the few men with integrity, honour and virtue avoid getting into politics because the arena is clogged with thieves and criminals who have no value for the honour in their words or their pledge to the people then how will Nigeria ever get better!! Biko tell me. Because the scammers, riffraffs, 419ers and those who are drunk on ripping off our treasury can never let go without drawing blood. God, are you sleeping sef? Why do the vile and evil amongst us get away with murder?

That night I got no sleep, I kept tossing and pondering and the answers I kept getting was why not, if not? Dem get two heads? Why shouldn’t I delve into politics and create this change I have so badly advocated for since I became Charlyboy. After all, if change must come, the agents of change must be at the fore front of the struggle. It is not enough to be an armchair critic. If people like Fashola can make Lagos work irrespective of how diverse Lagos is and the known and unknown challenges he faces in the hands of the shylocks, then I Charles Oputa can do the same? Or can’t I?

If it is about gragra, I have some measure of street in me to play, if it’s about qualifications, I’m more than qualified based on the constitution of the country and of course you know my pedigree is unquestionable so why can’t I vie for a political position?

See me see matter, my thoughts began to run wild strategizing my plans, what party is credible enough for me to campaign under, what position do I want to serve in? How do I build a reputable team to work with? My mind was racing, my heart beating faster and faster, because in this game, it’s do or die. I don’t mind the dying but can I deal with the doing? Odiofele?

All this strategizing is draining me mentally and emotionally. How can this change be actualized? All this thoughts are making me think about my father. I’m missing him badly and I wonder, if Justice Chukwudifu Oputa was still alive, can he ever delve into politic as one of those change agents we need to steer this nation forward? I can categorically tell you that the answer will be, HELL NO! Knowing him, I know he would not want to mess with meddling into the murky waters that flows in our politics of today. But me, Charlyboy, am I not rugged enough to deal with some of these mother f..king assholes? After all a few Governors and ministers have experienced the soar taste of Charlyboy when they crossed the line, nonsense! I send dem?

Don’t get me wrong, not everyone in politics is corrupt, there are a few insignificant minority who are honourably serving the people they pledged to serve on the platform they have chosen, however their efforts get swallowed up by all the corrupt majority.

My recent trip to Abia state was as a result of my conviction of one of these few good people who have made money through hard-work and now wants to serve his people in Abia state by aspiring to become the governor of the state. I’m talking of Dr. Alex Otti, former group manager and CEO of Diamond bank. For the first time ever, I saw myself standing behind someone I had faith in, someone who in my heart I believe could make a difference if given the opportunity, but he appears too much of a gentleman. And my question is, can he deal with some funny characters and charlatans already in the system?

An ethical line has been crossed by our yahoo yahoo leaders. Governments can’t act freely without lying and democracy can’t function in this neck of the woods, sorry, we are not that sophisticated in our thoughts or mindset. Our trust in politicians has been damaged, over the years. Poverty and fear has weakened our resolve to build a better environment for our children. We no longer care about how we’re governed. Politicians and corruption continues unchecked. They are all interested in winning this election by hook or by crook, what happens after May 2015, what kind of Nigeria and Nigerians will they lead? For sure the violence after May 2015 will make Boko Haram look like child’s play, because boys are angry, and for those whose duties are to protect lives and properties of the common man have failed because they couldn’t careless, must know that even their protection with all the brigade of security operatives can never be guaranteed, they will be like sitting ducks, when the shit hits the fan.


About my ambition in running for a political position? I believe I have always been involved in the politics of change. Showing young Nigerians that values like, hard work, honesty, focus, consistency, and believe in self are not outdated. They are the same qualities that have brought me this far. I thank God that I have directly or indirectly affected the lives of millions and will continue to do so, so why me and yeye yahoo yahoo area boys go dey go struggle anything. My tenacity, is positively affecting millions of Nigerian youths, can we say that much for most of our leaders?

God punish Satan. Nonsense!



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