Celebrity #ThrowBackThursday: Praiz Shares His Favorite RnB Songs From Back In The Day


Praiz is one of the fnest voices in Nigeria, and you’ll be hard pressed to find an RnB artist with a stronger voice than Praiz. Today we’ll be featuring Praiz on our celebrity #throwbackthursday, and walking down memory lane and reminiscing on when we used to listen to these songs thinking of nothing but love.

Atlantic Star – Always

Atlantic Star’s is one of those songs you had to have had somewhere on a cassette which was probably your parents. Listening to the lyrics again got me thinking back to childhood days.



Case – Missing You

This song is from early 2000s but it still has a very old soulful vibe. I swear I might have written lyrics from this song to a girl in an attempt to win her over. The song is a classic from 2000 till present day. Wonder where case is now though.



James Ingram – Just One

James Ingram’s classics are older than most of us, but that’s what good music does – It transcends time, and I swear I heard this song one too many times playing in the house, and on the radio. A true classic.



Joe – I Wanna Know

Kai Joe was smooth back in the day sha! Raise your hand if you used this song to toast babes or sang it with your eyes closed dreaming of when he’ll call. Well I’m raising my hand.

Joe’s I Wanna Know from 2000 was such a huge hit internationally. Those combat pants though… Glad didn’t make it to 2013. 🙂



Bryan McKnight – Back At One

1. You’re like a dream come true, 2. Just wanna be with you…. Ok I’m getting carried away. This has been on the “playlist” since I could legally love.

Brian McKnight sure knew how to finish the deal on songs. If you were ever with a girl or guy you liked and found yourself short of words, this song will do all the talking for you. Nothing else to say about this.



That’s all folks. We’ve had fun going back into time this thursday with Praiz’s hot jams from back in the day. I’m already listening to some of these songs on repeat and maybe you’re doing the same…. You should. Happy Thursday!



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