Celebrity ThrowBackThursday: Michael Bonny Bassey Of BBA The Chase Fame Shares His Fav Old School Artists

Michael Bonny Bassey

Michael Bobby Bassey from Sierra Leonea and half Nigerian linked up with us, and shared his favorite old school artists. Now he took it back to the pop singers of the 80s. This week’s Celebrity ThrowbackThursday features Michael Bassey. Gotta love it.

Let’s take that walk back into time.


Michael Jackson

Now who wont have this guy on his/her list. He needs no introduction at all. The certified and undisputed King of Pop.



Luther Vandross

You can arguably say that a lot of us were conceived to some Luther Music. You might not want to think of it, but our parents did some wonderful things to luther’s music, and listening to it, you would to.




Lionel Richie

The fine boy of the 80s, Lionel Richie has a lot of classic from the yesteryears one of which is still a constant at weddings today – Endless Love. Other hits include, Hello and All Night Love.




If you consider Michael Jackson the King Of Pop, then arguably you can consider Madonna as the queen of Pop. Numerous hits spanning over 3 decades of music, and she’s still doing her thing till date. Truly a pop music icon.



Whitney Houston

When Whitney Houston died last year, a part of all of us passed with her. Whitney Houston has arguably the strongest voice of any singer in our generation. Her remake of Dolly Parton’s I’ll always love you remains her trademark song till date.



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