Celebrity #ThrowbackThurday: Eva Alordiah Tells Us Her Favorite Childhood Toys


So just like last week, we’re continuing with our celebrity throwback thursdays with your favorite celebrities.

This week we touched base with rapper Eva Alordiah & she told us her favorite toys from back in the days, some of which you can find available online at Mamonlineshop. You’d be kinda surprised what she did say. Here goes.

1. Table Soccer

No not the fancy fusball table, but those ‘canta’ & button for table soccer. Yea, those things where you put the button on the cover & kick free kick, and use sugar box as goal post. LOL. Now that’s a real throw back.

Table soccer steez from yester-years
Table soccer steez from yester-years

2. Game Boy

I mean who wasn’t extremely hooked to gameboy or something like it. Between Mario & Tetris, boyz had enough to occupy a whole days worth of boredom if needed. Back then all your needed was buttons A, B, Start & Select. Now there’s R1, R2, L1, L2, analog joystick, X, O, blah blah blah.

Well at least she played Gameboy, if not I would’ve just assumed Eva was just a local boy… yes boy. :p



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