Can Wizkid’s ‘Come Closer’ Top Billboard Hot 100 Chart?

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It’s cool to see Wizkid gradually transcend into a full fledged international artiste, and Sony Music is also in the picture to make it work out and make it last.

Last year was certainly the height for Wizkid when he topped the Billboard Hot 100 Chart for over ten weeks. That was only possible after he earned a feature on Drake’s  number one hit ‘One Dance’ alongside UK singer Kayla. The three artistes did come through on the record as it was one of the biggest tunes to come out of 2016.

‘One Dance’ wasn’t just a turning point in the career Wizkid but alas it was a redefining moment for Drake. The Canadian rapper was the biggest beneficiary from ‘One Dance’. That will be the first time Drake would have his own number one hit on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart. Let’s not forget Drake broke a couple of records on digital streaming platforms like iTunes and Spotify with the same song. And also earning a Grammy Awards nod.

Since ‘One Dance’ Wizkid has set a new benchmark for his fellow artistes back here in Nigeria. More American artistes have been open for a collaboration with Wizkid. Even more importantly Sony Music decided to put their money on the boy.

In February, RCA, which is in charge of the distribution of Wizkid’s music across America named him as one of the company’s top priority. As a proof to this claim, Wizkid’s song with Drake which was previously leaked as ‘Hush Up The Silence’ was revoked and officially released by RCA as ‘Come Closer’, 31.3.2017

This singular action by Sony Music and RCA shows they are solidly behind Wizkid as they hope to make him a verified global music star from Africa. For those of us watching from this region, we can’t wait to see how this journey keeps unfolding with smiles on our faces and joy in our hearts.

‘Come Closer’ is Wizkid’s first single with Sony Music distributed under RCA. Now here comes the big question.  Can Wizkid ‘Come Closer’ Top Billboard Hot 100 Chart?

This can be better said, will ‘Come Closer’ enjoy half as much success as ‘One Dance’?  There are two possible suggestions that the new tune will be a success.

Judging from the fact that both Wizkid and Drake are former collaborators with a bit of music chemistry. It is easy to say that ‘Come Closer’ can tow the same path of success as ‘One Dance’. More American music lovers will readily and willingly receive something from Wizkid and Drake once again. The chemistry was indeed evident on the track, Wizkid did justice to the dancehall influenced tune and Drake in his very sensual laid back melodic sing-rap delivered. This would be one of the best songs by a Nigerian artiste where the featured foreign act did a proper job. While listening the song one will notice Drake wasn’t in a hurry to end his verse like some other song a foreign act barely rapped for 30 seconds. And kudos to Sarz for a world-class production.

On the flip side, Sony Music and RCA are taking Wizkid serious and that makes a lot of sense.  As it’s understood RCA will be responsible for the distribution of Wizkid’s music across the American music market. This means ‘Come Closer’ will be circulated across the right platforms to garner more airplay. So, RCA will do the big task of promoting our own star boy Wizkid until he is paid all the attention he deserves in full. One good is that Wizkid can focus on perfecting his music while the big label and music company push the units on his behalf.

Can Wizkid ‘Come Closer’ Top Billboard Hot 100 Chart? My answer is affirmative. A big YES!



  1. I believe he can, when i first heard initial collabo though na one off but wizkid seem to be consistent ot conquer international scene. He can definitely get this done


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