Can female Nigerian Artistes learn from Tiwa Savage?


Tiwa Savage arguably the biggest female pop star in Africa now. The melodious singer can supposedly school her colleagues on how to go all the way up and still stay on top. This past twelve months has been so far ambivalent for mummy Jamil. You know the story well, we don’t want to dwell on that.



The point here is, if some other female artiste was in her position could she stay afloat her troubled waters and land on safe ground. Remember, there are quite a number of female artiste who have retired before dropping a sophomore album, some have even disappeared without an album to their names. In the Nigerian music scene female artistes seem like they are expendable, musical longevity is somehow unattainable for them.

Ok so what has the “Bad” crooner done that has put her ahead.

She knows there is really no vacation

It is safe to say Tiwa Savage is in the league of Beyonce and Adele. They came out from weaning their babies to drop hit albums for their fans. There is really no vacation on this music industry and Tiwa understands that. You sleep or become complacent somebody takes up your space. No resting on your oars. You have to be consistent and more to hold ground. The sultry singer this week has been in South Africa, to promote her RED album.

She has a good team

This is pretty important, you don’t want to be fluke. The velvety voice behind dance song “Standing Ovation” has a good team. That team was able to plot her comeback with a “Bang Bang”. The way her marriage meltdown was handled, her team did a great job in “damage control”

tiwa savage

She Beat Her Stereotype

Could you believe Tiwa Savage could do tracks like “Standing Ovation”, “African Waist”, again she proved her stereotypes wrong. Some may not see that as something worthy of commendation. The sure thing is her fan base has broaden she has some street appeal added to her R&B audience. Trust me she can make an R&B classic and a street banger.

Her Body Her Asset

Hey “If I Start To Talk” you all will bear me witness that the Mavin first lady is quite a hot mama. The industry sells on good self-image and visual appeal. She did not waste time in getting back in top shape. When you see her you don’t get the impression she is now a mother with all that baby fat.  Yeah she is just hot like that.



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