Burna Boy, DJ Spinall, Phyno, Flavour and The Case Of A “Stolen Chorus Melody”



As much as the Nigerian music scene has been buzzing from the release of Phyno’s debut album, No Guts No Glory, there has been some controversy to follow it up.

Rumbles started after fans who listened to Phyno’s Authentic (featuring Flavour), pointed out that the hook (performed by Flavour) sounds very similar to the hook on DJ Spinall’s Gba Gbe which was performed by Burna Boy. DJ Spinall went on twitter to voice his displeasure with what he described as pretty much ripping the entire chorus.


But that might not be the full story. A close source familiar with the whole incident and both camps has said that actually both Flavour and Burna Boy came up with the melody together in one of their working sessions for a different project. Burna Boy used the melody on the song “Gba Gbe” that was released earlier, but Flavour already had that melody and ended up using it on Phyno’s Authentic chorus. Based on that statement, this might be just an issue of someone put it out first before the other. On our contact with DJ Spinall he expressed his disappointment, but stated he didn’t want to make a big deal about it as he considers Phyno a pretty cool guy, and doesn’t want to throw much shade on his first project. As of yet, Burna Boy hasn’t said anything publicly although he did put out a tweet that could be read as a subliminal message.



Phyno on the other hand has stayed clear of any messages on social media, and so has Flavour.

There’ll definitely be more to come from this in the coming weeks, but the questions we have here are, if what our source is saying is confirmed to be true, where does the ownership lie? Is there a right to ownership on either party? Is it ripping to bite the melody, even if the words is completely different? Do Phyno and DJ Spinall know the full story from their features?

I can’t answer these questions, but I’ll be more than happy to get your comments. We’ll certainly hope there will be some press statements coming from both camps to clear the air. If they want to.

The video for Gba Gbe is currently in production stages.


  1. From my own perspective, DJ Spinall suppose first calm down and be expecting Burnaboy to release a comment, as you have first said, the chorus was done by both Burnaboy and Flavour, Phyno is less concern over the stuff, but since all what this songs they both released were just for fans and not for self to be listening to, that shouldn’t be something that will cos misunderstanding between both parties…. In this Nigeria of ours is where we see people doing cover to someone’s song….. Lets take for example Niyola – Drunk in Love Cover – even make sense pass the person who owns it…….. I rest my case…….
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    • please don’t get it twisted Slimzeey. There’s a big difference between doing a cover and doing an original song as it is the case with Flavour and BurnaBoy, it is a different thing if both parties have agreed to do individual versions of the chorus in two different tracks which is legal because they are both writers to the chorus in that regard as it is alleged. but in a case where both have not agreed to such terms, I feel the rights belongs to who brought it out first and the other party should respect that fact and not re-release what’s already out there. #Simples


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