ANALYSIS: Is Peruzzi More Deserving Than Teni?


Peruzzi, who frowned at his defeat to Teni still hovers around us. This begs the question “Is Peruzzi more deserving than Teni?“.

In a recent tweet, the singer reacted badly to his defeat, further stating he worked harder and made more money than any other fast rising artiste in the country, including “Teni”.

JAGUDA cannot ascertain if Peruzzi made more economic gains than Teniola but we can only establish and compare, with certain criteria to judge who is more deserving of the award.


Before the release of his debut EP titled “HEARTWORK“, the DMW act had bagged over 13 features, 3 singles.

In all, Peruzzi gathered rave reviews for his appearances in those features and his personal singles of course.

AMAKA; This has to top the charts for Peruzzi. A collaboration with one of Nigeria’s legend, 2 Baba, is surely a score for him. This particular song was a ‘national anthem’ at a time if not up till date.

AZA; The influence of Davido has granted Peruzzi access to big names in the industry. Peruzzi had gained an extra point for scoring this collaboration. Aza also gained rave reviews.

AJE; A DMW collaboration but then again this particular songs gave rise to Peruzzi. This was shortly after the singer signed with Davido’s DMW crew and the first chance he had to prove a point, he showed the quality stuff he was made off.


Teni, in a much smaller label, delivered approximately nine (9) singles and four (4) features. From leveraging on the power of social media, Teni made a fine statement in the Nigerian music industry after it was reported that she wrote Davido’s hit single “Like Dat”. She has also worked with the likes of Phyno, Mayorkun, Broda Shaggi and a couple others.

You agree with me that Teni has more hit singles that Peruzzi. Tracks such as Askamaya, Case, Wait and Fake Jersey, and recently, Uyo Meyo have been received positively by music lovers all over.


No doubt, Teni scored a 100 on this track. It kept her fans dancing, singing and wanting more. Askamaya was also an anthem which garnered rave reviews.


“Cause my papa no be Dangote or Adeleke, but we go dey ok”, Teni assures she doesn’t need to have much but her love is undying. Case literally made a a “case” for her grand statement in the industry. Teni gradually warmed herself into the heart of the fans with this track.


Teni expressed herself on this track saying she could not take the pain away but could make her lover feel better. For those of you who are love birds, Teni aced this track; further winning the hearts of her fans.


Both Teni and Peruzzi are fast risers in the industry and have definitely proven to be forces to reckon with. However, Peruzzi may have enjoyed the fame and depth of a big label (DMW) but Teni on the other hand, has managed to gain more impact than her fellow counterpart in a much smaller record label. Not to downplay Peruzzi’s prowess but Teni could only achieve this with talent and hard work.

Teni has been able to release more hit singles which gathered rave reviews than Peruzzi. Apparently, Peruzzi is only enjoying the buzz from features off AMAKA, AJE, AZA and a couple others.

Last but not the least, regardless of what people may say about her looks, Teni has been able to command so much presence on social media than Peruzzi. The singer is constantly engaging her fans on Instagram thereby creating a constant bounce rate on her page.

Would Teni release a debut album or an EP, that is left for her management to decide but HEARTWORK which happens to be Peruzzi’s debut EP could be leveraged on if he wants to catch the lady on the fast lane who already released a hit song UYO MEYO in 2019.

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  1. let teniola have the award. Becos she have put in so much hard works u can’t use 9 tracks to compare 3 tracks.

  2. Am a big fan of both, no doubt that Peruzzi is very talented but so is Teni.
    For me Teni deserves the award because almost all her song is a single hit 🔥.. Askamaya


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