An Open Letter To Skales From A Fan


Hi Skales,

This is my first time writing a letter (open or closed) in about 3yrs, so you’re gonna have to forgive me for however I sound or come across.

I want to commend you firstly for your rising from the ashes story – bouncing back with arguably one of the best singles of 2014 and now your Man Of The Year album due in weeks – doing this after lots of people (I inclusive) had given up on you and even resulted to making jokes on social media.

Behind all the bants and trolling, I have always been a low-key fan. Obviously Heading For A Grammy was a one-off when it comes to your rap career, because frankly, I don’t think that height can be reached again. But I (and I’m sure lots of other Nigerians) are still hoping you have some of that fire and at least give us a few rap singles on the album.

I also think you are a very good songwriter – I should rephrase that to singer seeing as even foreign artistes employ songwriters at times. So I feel this career path is the best for you especially in an Industry like the one we have here. Pure Hip Hop enthusiast always keep their respect for hardcore rappers, but frankly, na Respect you wan chop? When Pop & RnB stars get gigs and endorsements, what do the rappers have to show for?

Like my Professor at Med School says, In Nigeria, If you want to be known, loved by people and always have money, you should be a General Practitioner – but if you want to be revered, get money in bulk and be hopeful someone has a heart or liver condition, you can be a specialist (and a very good one at that else people will die or go abroad). I am sure your case is the General Practitioner. Anyway, enough with my rant, the point is that I see your angle.

Now enough with the positives, I realized you are very active on social media. That can be good if you only get positive comments and over 50% love (e.g. Don Jazzy) – your case is quite different, and man no be machine so sometimes this gets under your skin, but you really need to stop paying attention to people who only want you to respond. Whether they come at you or your girl, sometimes just unlook.

Also, you need to lose weight – I’ll stop there… (or not) I don’t think I’ve ever seen you with tank tops or shirtless – this obviously means you’re overweight and you do not want the world to see/condemn. You’d better register in a GYM asap so you’ll be fit to perform at tours or an album concert if you’ll have one.

Then there’s the matter with your style. I don’t know if you think your dressing is futuristic but you need a personal stylist – you wore an Agbada in ShakeBody man.

I really hope this debut album is great, for your career because it is what will shape people’s opinion about you. I am a huge fan of M.I. and Wizkid but anything M or Wiz does is always compared against Talk About It or Superstar. I don’t know if it’s too late to retake some verses, but just do whatever you have to do to make this great.

I look forward to bumping the Man Of The Year album, and I really hope you consider what I said about what I said.

Your Fan,

Uche D.


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