9 Nollywood Stars Who Tried Their Hands At Music


Nollywood actors and actresses jumping into music is not a new thing despite what some of us might think. Igwe Tupac might be the latest of the bunch of Nollywood stars attempting to enter music, but he’s had a lot of mentors to “look up” to.

So, in the of throwback Thursday, we’ll look back at all the Nollywood actors and actresses that tried (and for the most part failed) their hands in the music industry.

2. Tonto Dike

Tonto Dike aka Pokolet surprised the whole Nigeria when she dropped her ridiculous single, Hi. To be fair to her the song did get massively popular, but for all the wrong reasons. She ended up signing with Dbanj’s DB records, and actually had somewhat of a decent career compared to her peers.




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