7 Things Upcoming Artists Can Learn From Vic O


I know some of you are probably thinking, “what can I possibly learn from that wack guy, Vic O?” Well there’s quite a bit you can learn. Aside all thekilling of beats and giving it to fans to eat, Vic O found a way to stay pretty popular in a space where your viral fame can come and go within months.

Fact is, a lot of musicians, both upcoming, and semi known stars will love to have the popularity Vic O has in Nigerian entertainment and for the amount of time. Vic O broke out in 2011, and 5 years later, he’s still found a way to be around. Talent or not.

Here’s some stuff upcoming folks can learn, and apply:

1Think Big, Aim High

As soon as Vic O realized that he was on to something, he came out and declared himself the best rapper in Nigeria. Argue with your Mai guard. Is he really? You know better, but don’t tell him that.

Too often, we see artists being too shy, too humble, too scared to aim too high. Be the one to do that. Why not?

2Confidence Is Everything


If you don’t believe in yourself then who will? And no be for mouth. No one is saying be arrogant, but be confident, don’t settle for less than you feel you’re worth.

I mean your confidence has to be through the roof to challenge Don Jazzy, make a diss record against both Drake & Meek Mill, and get pissed when you don’t get a Grammy. Learn a thing or 2 from Vic O.

3Don’t Let Trends Pass You By

Oh you’re too big to hop on a Who You Epp cover, or De Be freestyle or Photo trend? Well you’re letting a moment slip by. Remember when Vic O jumped on Don Jazzy’s Enigma beat in the midst of all the “bigger” rappers in the game? Or when Drake vs Meek Mill was hot and he dropped his diss song?

If there’s a trend, don’t be afraid (or too big) to hop on it. You just never know if yours might catch on. Really, what are you losing.

4Don’t Be Too Big To Interact

One thing you can never fault Vic O for is his interactions with fans. He’s always willing to reply fans/trollers, retweet posts, and drop comments. Guess what all that interaction does? It increases your engagement, and quite possibly could bring a listener or two your way.


If you say you’re going to do something, then do it. Don’t create unnecessary buzz only to fail on the delivery. Vic O says he’ll drop a cover if this tweet reaches 2000 RTs, guess what? He does it. He said he’ll diss Drake and Meek Mill together? He did it. Just do it.


6Take Criticism, & Brush Everything Else Away

If you’re an artist, you’re going to get your fair share of criticism, and “haters”. Take it all on the chin, and don’t let it discourage you. If someone says you suck, then say ok. No need fighting peeps over their opinion. Take it and move on. Are they buying your fuel?

Imagine the amount of trolls, abuse, insults Vic O has gotten since 2011. If he can take it in stride and keep doing him, then who are you not to.

7Make Now The Right Time

Make now the right time. Time will keep passing you by as you keep waiting for the right time. Plan, strategize, postpone, plan again, postpone, etc. Before you know it, your “upcoming EP” is taking over a year to put out. Learn a thing or 2 from the rap king… Do it now. If you’re upcoming you have room to fix your mistakes, and do better next time with far less pressure.

There you go peeps. You can sit here and laugh, or you can pick a lesson or 3 and apply to your life and career. And remember, after work, you gotta have an Hafter parry. 

You’re welcome. 


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