7 Absolutely Annoying Things About Driving In Nigeria


Driving in Nigeria can be a chore. It’s little surprise that for those who can afford it getting a driver is one of the best investments you can have in your life. I’m sure it can directly traced to reducing blood pressure.

I’ve decided some of the most annoying things I’ve come to hate about driving in Nigeria.

Yes most of us are probably used to it already but it doesn’t make it correct.

No Respect for Traffic Lights

Are there traffic lights at a lot of intersections? Yes. Are they always respected? It all depends on who’s watching. Come later in the evening, and folks just zoom past red lights like it’s nothing. God bless us if there’s no traffic light. That’s all cars in all directions trying to move forward and then no one ends up going anywhere ironically.

Thank God for Yellow Fever, Lagos and LASTMA! But then again….



Driving Lane Means Nothings

So you veer into the left turning lane with your traffic signal on. Someone pulls up beside you, and you’re assumption is they are going straight right? Nope… 1 single turning lane can turn into 3 cars turning left at the same time like we’re running 200m.

Then the great workers that painted the lanes in the middle of the road just did a job for nothing as no one really cares about lanes. Oh there’s 3 lanes for this road? That means 5 will fit. Let’s all squeeze in.



image credits: udeozochibuzo.files.wordpress

Keke Drivers and Their Need to Quiz into Tight Spaces

So Okadas have been banned from most major cities in Nigeria, but then in came Keke, which I have no problem with, except when the drivers think they are driving an ultra-slim vehicle that can squeeze into any tight space there is. They end up causing more traffic, and scratching cars as they move on.


image credits: www.thehindu.com

Excessive Horning

*takes a deep breath* This is probably the most annoying thing about driving in Nigeria. You could actually be stopped at a red light and some random person starts honking their horn at you like you’re doing something wrong.What the use for that really?

It’s like everyone just uses it at will, and just for the fun of it. If you don’t have a sound system in your car be ready for the sweet musical tunes of different car horns as you drive.


image credits: omojuwa.com
image credits: omojuwa.com

Police Jumping in Your Car They Stop You

Oh fine! You finally caught me running a red light after 5 others ran it before me. You’ve stopped me and I’m answering your questions, but why all of a sudden are there 2 officers in my car telling me to drive. I mean this is borderline kidnapping. I’m sure there are other ways of ensuring motorists don’t run away without jumping in the car with them.

You can always chase them with your own car Oga police.

And after all that, you end up paying some change and getting let off the hook.

No Road Courtesy or Patience

It’s like everyone is in a hurry to go somewhere. If you’re trying to cut in, cars will just zoom past you like it’s nothing. People overtake each other all over the place and give you the evil eye like you’re mad for daring to drive in front of them. Yes I know this happens in other places but it also happens a lot in Nigeria.

Taxis Dropping and Picking Up On The Road

I’m not sure if it’s the way the roads are designed or what, but not much can be more annoying than driving on the right lane and suddenly a taxi or keke stops to pick someone up or drop someone. It’s about one of the most dangerous things to be doing as a driver. Best thing to do is just avoid the right most lane until you’re 100% sure you’re making a right or stopping.


That’s all! If there are other things you find more annoying or just as annoying feel free to drop a comment or 3.

Peace! – Aribaba



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