6 Weirdest Celebrities In Nigeria


Weird Celebrities. They are fascinating, interesting and living in their own world more times than not, but there’s something about them that makes us want to always know more.
Nigeria is not short of our own cast of celebrity weirdos, and fascinating celebrities, so with that we’ll go ahead and list out the 6 weirdest celebrities in Nigeria.

1. Tonto Dike

Don’t think she’s weird? Just look at how she spells, and writes on social media, and pretty much her mannerisms. From coded Mr X boyfriends, to her puzzling music, to subliminal messages to any and everyone that no one knows.
Tonto is just weird.


2. Charly Boy

I mean can anyone really deny this? Mr Area Fada is a grandfather, but you definitely can’t tell from his weird photoshoots, and even weirder tattoos and piercings.
But, you gotta respect that he really doesn’t care what we or anyone thinks.


3. Denrele

It’s not because he’s gay (if he really is), but because he’s just wayyy over the top with everything. The outfits, the platform shoes that are almost 2 feet tall, the excessive make up, and his mannerisms.

There’s not moderate version with this guy. It’s all over the top or nothing.

4. Dencia

We can’t really decipher if she’s really weird or just a massive attention seeker. She hits up many award shows in the US halfway looking like Nikki Minaj (intentionally we think) but then rants when the media mistake her for Nicki.
And let’s not get started on her everlasting beef with Lupita that she still likes to hang on to.

Anyways you slice it, attention seeking or just off, she still comes off as weird. Not in a good way.


5. Maheeda

What if I told you, that once upon a time, Maheeda said she was a gospel artist? Yea. From her instagram page you certainly wont believe it. Not with all the nakedness, and raunchy stuff on there.
But it’s not that she’s revealing skin that’s the problem, it’s the manner of it. I mean no one want to see your vajayjay… well we don’t. Nor do we want to see you twerking every week. Sigh.


6. Cossy Orjiakor

She’s listed as a nollywood actress but I’m not sure of the last time she was actually in a movie. She’s most famous for her movie itohen, where she played a role having sex with a dog. That’s all the weird points you need.

Now she just roams the earth, flashing her humongous boobs all over the place in the name of being sexy.

That’s it folks. That’s what we got. Now your turn

Who are some other weird Nigerian Celebrities?



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