6 Things We’d Like To See In Seyi Shay’s New Album


Seyi Shay’s debut album drops in less than 24 hours and it’s been the buzz of the music biz all week. With Seyi copping a mega deal with Pepsi, you already know she’s ready to take the Nigerian music industry by storm.

The album drops tomorrow, but here are 6 things we’d like to see in Seyi Shay‘s debut album, Seyi or Shay.

1. Outstanding  Singing

Seyi Shay isn’t the name you run to when it comes to outstanding vocalists in Nigeria, but that doesn’t mean she can’t surprise us in this album. We’ll most def love to see her absolutely kill it on a song or two in this album. We have a feeling she’s very capable. MI’s Always Love You is a good indicator that she got that singing game in box.


2. Murda Again

You can’t replicate a hit song exactly the same way, so we’re not asking for that. What we would like to see though is another fun, sexy and energetic tune like Murda. Everything about that song was done to perfection, and it was generally a very fun song. It also doesn’t fall into the kpangolo music category also which made it very unique. So Ms Shay… If you can. Thanks.


3. Tinie Tempah

Taking pictures in the studio with Tinie Tempah (Nigerian-British rapper) is one thing, but what we’d really like to see is a tune with the both of them on it. If done very well, this could be a song to market Seyi Shay well outside the borders of Nigeria. The rapping/singing combo will also make for a very interesting listen. We have a feeling this is already done.


4. Songs With Depth

How many times have we gone through an album, and came away feeling like we’re hearing the same thing over and over again? A lot. We’re here hoping that in this debut album there’ll be a couple of songs with depth. A song that makes you go “oooh… that was deep”. Can she drop one or two for us?


5. Something Personal

We’re fans, and we like to feel like we’re getting a piece of you when we listen to your music. Often times we know artist lie about how the album is about their personal lives and struggles etc, but rarely does it ever feel genuine. Seyi Shay has had a long journey to this point, and nothing will make her fans happier than getting just a piece of her personal side of things. Plus those type of songs tend to reach and impact people in ways many wont realize.


6. Another Female Artist

Seyi Shay has had a good amount of singles over the past few years, and I’m racking my brain trying to remember if she’s had a record with another female artist in Nigeria (open to correction). Look I’m not saying there’s anything to it, but we’d certainly like to see Seyi Shay pair up with another female artist in the game. Tiwa Savage? Yemi Alade? Di’Ja? Eva? It’ll definitely make for a nice concept, and potentially great song.


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