6 Rappers That Left Us Pondering What Happened To Them


Do you ever ponder where the heck some rappers disappear to? Basically, you hear no new stuff from them and you wonder why they are no more popping.

And then, once in awhile you get to hear some of their old stuff and you remember this artiste was the “shit” back in time. Oh well, maybe nothing good lasts forever.

To be very honest there are a few rappers we wished should still be around a little longer. Better still make a huge comeback into the game.

Okay,  so these rappers top the list.

1Sauce Kid

The rapper’s birth name is Babalola Falemi born in Lagos State, Nigeria. Sauce Kid at the time added much flavour to pidgin rap with hits like “Edondemadt”, “Monkey Banana” and “Carolina”. Dude was buzzing at the time with his combo of Americana and pidgin flow. Surely, Sauce Kid who later preferred to be known as Sinzu had enough sauce to keep Nigerian music lovers interested back then. Can he just thrill us again just one more time?




For a good number of times, I have asked myself, where the heck is Endia? The one-quarter of the Grip Boiz (Grip Muzik) had one of the hottest hip-hop joints of 2013, 48. To say the least 48 was that dope that emcees like Phyno amongst others made their own cover for the joint. Endia, born Ujah Lawrence made the list of most promising acts to watch on various media platforms. All that hype and frenzy has all faded and Endia faded into thin air. At least from what we’re seeing.


3Emmy Gee

If you’re unfamiliar with the name you perhaps have heard the song “Rands and Naira”. Emmy Gee is a Nigerian based in South Africa, who came into the Nigerian consciousness with his hit song “Rands and Naira”. The hip-hop tune topped charts both in SA and Nigeria. A remix of the song made it even bigger here in Nigeria because local artistes were enlisted and it worked. Now it has become very obvious Emmanuel Nwankwo is a one hit wonder.



Knighthouse General as he dubbed himself, has suffered relegation into oblivion as far as contemporary Nigerian hip-hop genre is put in perspective. Phenom is one artiste that was so auspicious at the time. Phenom was the face of Nokia’s Don’t Break the Beat Hiphop campaign and brand ambassador. His debut “Omo Naija”, “Shukushuku Bambam” and “Murder Dem” proved he was indeed very talented. But then, he is a perfect example of talent is not enough in the music business.



Born Obafunke Martins, Blaise is one of the earliest femcees in the Nigerian hip-hop culture. A former member of Da Trybe had an impressive run with hits like “The Definition” and “Bragging Rights”. Albeit, the female rapper didn’t last long. Should we hope for her return or banish the thought of it? I mean she’ll retake the crown the moment she gets back in.


6Jesse Jagz

The “Sex and Scotch” crooner is no doubt a bunch of talent. But lately it’s glaring the rapper has lost that magic that once made him our favorite rapper.  In all honesty, Jesse Jagz has not been popping for a long while. It’s obvious the little fracas he had with Chocolate City and his foray into reggae type rap has dealt a fatal blow on his career, especially his popularity.



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