6 Nigerian Musicians Who Need To Evolve Their Music & Craft


Getting to the top is about the easiest part in any profession especially music, however, staying at the top is the most difficult part. 

Hence, we treat those who have made it to the top of their careers and have been at the top for a very long time, with the utmost respect. That is why we give kudos to folks like 2Baba, King Sunny Ade, Femi Kuti, Wizkid, Davido who have stayed on top of their craft and industry for several years without wavering. 

One essential thing about remaining at the top especially in the music business is the ability of an artiste to evolve with the changing times. Or better still to dictate the pace and the sound that dominates the industry at certain points in time. Those who don’t evolve always risk extinction. 

On a worrisome note, many Nigerian musicians have gone out of style because they have failed to evolve and the industry left them behind. Those we have decided to talk about have wowed us for a while and have gone from exceptional to ordinary. 

The folks mentioned here need to evolve to keep up with the changing times. 


The Soundgod Music Group honcho is no longer in the place he used to be sometime during late 2016 and 2017. That period could be said to be the peak of Runtown’s music career. The former Eric Many artiste gave us one of the biggest songs during that period in the Nigerian music cycle. “Mad Over You” took Runtown to the next level in terms of influence and cross-border recognition. While he was still in his hot form as of 2017, all follow-up singles after “Mad Over You” banged but that style of music slowly worn out. Unfortunately, Runtown can’t seem to move on from that style of music. It is about time Runtown switched up because his recent releases have not been exceptional but bang average. No one really remembers the “Redemption” EP, “Kini Issue” and his most recent single “If E Happen For Lagos”. It further proves one important thing, Mr Douglas Agu news to reinvent his music and artistry. 




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