6 Nigerian Artistes That Seriously Need To Quit Music and Try Something Else


If you think some Nigerian artistes have no business doing music, oh please, I share the same thoughts with you. Seriously singing or even rapping it’s not for everybody. Because you love music it does not necessarily mean you have to sing or rap. Maybe you could be a backup singer at most.

These artistes should quit doing music already. All their efforts so far have fallen flat or could be simply tagged as “just another song”.  A painful fact is that some are signed to record labels with bulging purses, meaning there are enough funds for promo. Too bad nothing comot.

These folks mentioned below are guilty, we can point fingers at them. They include the folks from HKN and the Gang. Apart from Davido, I feel every other artiste on the label should take a chill pill, cool off and try some new stuff outside singing or rapping.


1. Danagog

Omo this guy no try at all. The only reason most of us know this guy is because of his affiliation with Davido and HKN. He has done a number of songs that have failed to impress.  He has even featured “almighty” Davido on a couple of tracks still no hope. Even with videos to match yet, his songs have failed to stick.




  1. Yeah I aggre with you but,, viktoh is not included OO, cus most of his song like skibi that, mad jam,, are big hit… Buh if you talk abouh the rest of Em. I aggre with you

  2. i agree with you vic o is even suppose to come first then then b-red…..talking bout viktoh, not sure hiz to be included tho…..

  3. Apart from the death PR stunt, skiibi still got the vibes, he only failed to realize those kind of stunts don’t work here in Nigeria, I think he got what it takes to bring up a hit song after all the all PR stunt created around the Sampu track doesn’t worth it. Vic O should be the number one on the list, that guy is a joke. I mean a joke – Adewale

  4. d tin is all dis guys r doing good itzs cux dey don’t gv us what we expexct vic o na person nau at least all of us wey comment sabi am me wey i dey aous i gt talent nobody sabi me yet,so dats it dey r known wether gud or not its left to dem naso e b 1 luv to all of em nd shoutout to jaguda.com#hola roy animashaun _fb id


  5. this is a critical article I must say… for you to even know the names and songs of this artists really mean they have gotten what it takes to draw your attention… my dear, the industry is not an easy place to apply for a competition.. the only thing we should do is to patronise them, encouraged rather than making them feel regrets of choosing music as a career… not all song must blow like “love my baby” … sorry to use the song as an example.. am a fan of WIZKID… pls… let’s start now to vote this listed artist to reach the top… one love…” rasman without dreadlocks”

  6. Well Vic o shouldn’t be on this list .Music is business .Gone are the days people listen to content.these days it one trash after the other laced on danceable rhythm.Now my guy if you agree that music is business and you also agree that no other Nigerian artist has been more successful online ,why so Vic o should quit?

    Vic o has has more and better interviews plus followership online than even the so called A list musicians.I guarantee his building his network and making small small cash.So tell me if you were Vic o with such a unique segment (rapping trash with confidence ,infused with comic or comedy)that people regularly need a fix of and can’t resist the urge of checking out what he has new on YouTube thereby increasing his rating ,would you quit?Dude just got started .

  7. Any body that wrote this is mad what are you doing sit and talk idiots like you think music is that easy your father.

  8. Now my guy if you agree that music is business and you also agree that no other Nigerian artist has been more successful online ,why so Vic o should quit?


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