6 Artists Who Owe Their Success To Don Jazzy


Michael Collins Ajereh, the man whom we all know as Don Jazzy is one of the few people who have helped transform the Nigerian music industry into what we have today. With over 15 years in the music industry, the music maestro maintains a high level of influence until date. 

Don Jazzy had one of the most rewarding music partnerships in the Nigerian music landscape with his former partner D’banj. During his days at Mo’Hits he finessed the art of looking like a boss and acting like one. Besides being an astute businessman, Jazzy was the man behind virtually all the hit records released at Mo’Hits. 

Together with his former partner, the record producer popularised the name tag culture and gave lots of prestige to music producers who before his arrival were comfortable keeping a low profile while working behind-the-scenes. His impact has gone way beyond the music circles. He is a huge philanthropist and a big supporter of creatives across different backgrounds. 

For the purpose of this post, we would be X-raying the number of people (musicians) that have been blessed to work with Don Jazzy. In fact, musicians who owe a huge credit of their success to the Mavin Records boss. A lot of names could have been mentioned here but we would try and keep the list simple. 


Oladapo Daniel Oyebanjo and Michael Collins fostered one of the best music partnerships the Nigerian music industry had ever witnessed. The duo of Don Jazzy and D’banj could never go wrong. It was bliss to hear D’banj on a record shouting “it’s Don Jazzy again”. Often times that tagline was just enough to tell you the song was a hit before you heard it all. Don Jazzy produced 80% of D’banj’s hit records until date. Together with D’banj the duo won awards, gained endorsements, grew Mo’Hits to become the number one record label in Nigeria at the time. 

When D’banj split from Don Jazzy, it became a lot more difficult for the Kokomaster to dish out hits like he used to back in the Mo’Hits era. The magic touch around the ‘Oliver Twist’ hitmaker faded quickly. 

Although it’s been eight years since the Mo’Hits structure collapsed, fans are still looking out for one more D’banj album produced by Don Jazzy. 

Without a doubt we can safely say the Kokomaster owes his music success to Don Baba J. 




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