6 Artistes Who Should Take A Cue From Waje & Retire From Music


One of the most burning issues on the Nigerian music landscape this week has been Waje’s sudden suggestion about retiring from music. In a video made by the singer, she complained bitterly about the frustration she is facing in the music industry as regards getting a commensurate reward for her hard work.

Two things Aituaje Iruobe mentioned which led to her planned retirement is lack funds to promote her music and low returns on investment despite a huge chunk of her finances invested into pushing her music career. Again her most recent album ‘Red Velvet’ got underwhelming reception from the fans and supporters who surprisingly kept pushing her to drop a new album. Perhaps after a lot of thoughts and consideration, she has decided to bow out.

Although Waje’s decision to retire received mixed reactions, some were full of empathy and other critics labeled the singer lazy and uncompetitive, I’ll opine that the decision to quit active music and face other businesses is a good one business-wise.

Going by the recent outburst of Nigerian artistes (Iyanya, now Waje) in the past few weeks, it is easy to deduce that the entertainment and music business is more than what meets the eyes. The supposed money, luxury lifestyle could be a facade for some of the Nigerian musicians.

Going by the example of Waje, there are other music acts who should equally consider retiring from the music thing, give it up and face other rewarding endeavours they can find.

6 artistes that should seriously consider retirement from music for other trades

Cynthia Morgan aka Madrina

Cynthia Morgan

The once-promising female dancehall star has been off the music radar for a minute. To imagine she was tipped for great things when she was nominated for the controversial Headies ‘Next Rated’ award in 2015. Since then her career has taken a steep decline. First off, her erstwhile record label Northside Entertainment dropped her and she is now indie. A few years ago reports had it that Cynthia Morgan was broke and couldn’t afford to pay up her rent. Besides that after a change of name to Madrina, no single released by the female dancehall act has gone far because they lacked good promo effort. It is safe to say, aunty Cynthia can equally call it quits with the music thing.

Blackface Naija


Nigerian singer Ahmedu Augustine Obiabo better known as Blackface is one artiste that should willingly consider retiring from active music and turn to other profitable ventures. Over the past decade, the former member of Plantashun Boyz has dwelled in enmity with his former bandmate 2Face aka 2Baba. He has serially accused the later of robbing him of his intellectual property every year. In fact, Blackface has never been in the news for anything better other than his infamous feud with 2Baba which the public find it as a nuisance. His recent attempt was a poorly produced diss track ‘War‘ aimed at his former friend. It’s crystal clear, Blackface Naija needs to quit music and find happiness in doing something else.

Eva Alordiah - To Self
Eva Alordiah

Eva Alordiah

It is one sad story that female rapper Eva Alordiah did not reach her full potential before she got held up in stagnation. Her situation shows that the Nigerian music industry might be very biased towards the female brood of artistes. Once she was climbing up very fast the next moment she is sliding down the pecking pretty faster. Much of her problems sprung from the fact that she lacks a proper record label and management that would be responsible for pushing her music while she focuses on making the music. Even putting out her debut album seemed like an uphill task for her and when it did arrive, it was lackluster. Once in a while, she tries to push the music thing by releasing music here and there but it always feels like she’s sailing against the wind.

Dammy Krane
Dammy Krane

Dammy Krane

Oyindamola Johnson Emmanuel has not had it nicely in the music business in the past few years especially after he severed ties with his former boss 2Baba. Shortly after exiting 360 Music/Hypertek Digital Dammy Krane has had it rough since then. One of his worst outings was being accused of credit card fraud and grand auto theft in America. For Dammy Krane there has been no particular music direction for him, one-time he is affiliated to Davido’s DMW the next time he is the leader of Worldstar Movement. Nonetheless, the singer has been dropping music back to back, but there is hardly enough finances to push it to a competitive level hence it does not go far. Instead of merely wasting his funds recording, shooting videos for bang average songs, the ‘Amin’ crooner should take a step back and consider some other business.

Jesse Jagz

Unfortunately the great Jesse Jagz really should consider throwing in the towel as far as the music business is concerned. Somehow, the rapper and ragga music star has been complacent about the whole music thing. In the past 12 – 16 months Emperor Jagz like he is usually referred to has promised albums upon albums that never came through. Again he hasn’t been very consistent with his music releases he almost feels forgotten except for occasional birthday shout outs on social media. His last album ‘Odysseus‘ was nothing short of ordinary and flat. From the look of things the very talented music producer and rapper is in the same corner as Waje and should also announce his retirement plan.


Anytime the name Niyola comes to mind, I wouldn’t help but soliloquize how much of a wasted talent the former EME singer has become. Niyola held so much promise from her early days at EME but those promise slowly turned to doubts, a mirage and sometimes a failed project. She stunned for a while and went dark, pulled occasional reemergence and still returns to oblivion. At this point it is clear the music thing was not turned out to be that beautiful dream that was imagined. Coming out openly to quit this music thing might just be a good thing for Niyola instead of the occasional tease, nothing deed but superficial.


  1. You did well to even remember Niyola sef. That one suppose don evaporate.

    Dammy Krane should be in jail & Blackface is just a hungry man looking for food. He should go to UN


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