5 Things To Expect From Falz’s Stories That Touch Album

falz stories that touch

Falz aka Falz The Badt Guy is set to drop his second album, Stories That Touch, in less than a week. We caught up with him recently and extracted out a few things we can expect from the album.

Strong Lyrical Content

Falz is witty rapper. Always dropping clever and funny punchlines in his music. But sometimes lost in all his funny bars, is the fact that he’s actually a pretty good lyricist. You rarely hear him ‘yarn dust” so to speak, and from out conversation with him, he’s said that we should expect a lot of strong lyrical content in his album.

Deep Story Telling

How many times have we gotten lost in the art of dropping bars upon bars that we forget one of the best things about hip-hop is the story telling. Story telling is an art form we should expect to see in some songs on the album.

Socially Conscious Music

Falz has promised us that there’ll be some socially conscious music on his album, and if we know Falz well, you can expect that to be blended in with some comedy to lighten the mood a bit. In the midst of every rapper bragging about what they have and you don’t have, taking a step back and addressing things that are serious is always a good look.

Great Blend of Genres

Of everything Falz mentioned to us to expect from the album, this is probably most interesting. How this will sound, and what genres will be blended will be very interesting to see and listen. I know we’ll make a note to listen for this once the album drops.

Interesting Collaborations

From the tracklist the collaborations on the album go from soulful RnB – Oyinkansola, Bez, Simi  – to the heavy hitting Hip-Hop stars in MI, SDC, and Phyno, to the more Afro Pop peeps in Reekado Banks, and Yemi Alade. Now if that doesn’t sound like an interesting line up, I don’t know what does.

That’s it from me. Be sure to look out for the album when it drops, and of course we’ll be giving you a review shortly after.


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