5 Things That Make Darey’s Pray For Me Video Special

darey pray for me

Has anyone else noticed the upturn in the quality of Nigerian videos? That’s a discussion for another post coming soon. Today we’re here for Darey’s latest video, Pray For Me, and it is one of the more special videos of 2016 so far. The song is featured on his latest album,Naked.

Darey has always been an artist to bring out the art in music videos, but even by his own standards, this has to rank high up there. So what makes it special? Let’s talk about that.


1The Story-line & Execution


The story line is relatively simple. A boy becomes a man, leaves his parents back home in the village, and heads off to the city against his father’s wishes. Later on finds out the city life is much tougher than he expected, and realigns with his father telling him his was right all along, and needs his Father’s prayers. The back story is that his Mother passes on during his journey to the city. It’s one thing to have a good story-line, and another thing to execute it. Shout out to Mex for executing this perfectly, and even if you didn’t have an audio you can still get the story line of the video.


2It Evokes Emotion

There’s nothing like watching a video, and feeling somewhat emotional afterwards. That means the artist, and director have done their job very well. That’s exactly what this video does. It brings out deep emotions because even if you haven’t lived the story, we can all somehow relate to what it’s like leaving home, reconnecting with your parents, and the thought of losing a loved one.



Part of making a video special is capturing every detail you can in he 5-6 mins you have available. From the color balance between past & present to the aerial angles in the video, the director made sure that at every moment the viewer completely got a visual sense of what was happening. It’s never really an easy thing to do, but in this case it was done very well.


4The Colors & Outfits

One of the most compelling elements of the video is the balance between the story telling portions of the video, and the scenes that feature Darey and the Soweto Gospel choir. In the artist shots you see brighter colors, and colorful outfits which contrasts with the more gloomy colors used in the sadder scenes of the video. That makes the video color scheme have 2 almost parallel visual lines while still watching on video.


5The Characters

Every character in the video was at 100%. Borrowing the talents of Nollywood greats Olu Jacobs, and Joke Silva can tell you everything about how well thought out this video was. This wasn’t just bring a random person to play a parent type of video. These are arguably two of Nigeria’s greatest talents. But let’s not stop there. The sister, postman, and every other not-so-prominent character in the background was well chosen, and did their bit very well.

If you haven’t watched the video yet, you’re definitely missing out. Check it out here:


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